Length matters: How long should a jump rope be?

Jumping rope is one of my favorite types of cardio exercise. Jumping rope can improve your heart health and challenge your muscles whether you use it as a warm-up exercise, part of a routine or as a full jump rope workout in itself.

The right length jump rope is essential for jumping for a warm-up or a full jump rope workout. 

woman jumping with an adjustable jump rope

A rope that’s too long can be as bad as one that is too short. So, how long should a jump rope be?

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Factors to consider when choosing jump rope length


When choosing the correct length, your height is one of the most important factors. The length of your jump rope will directly impact how effective and safe your jump rope workout will be.

A jump rope that is too short will make it challenging to jump without tripping, while a rope that is too long may lead to inefficient rotations and tripping over the rope.

Skill level

Beginners may find it easier to use a longer rope, as it provides more room for error and allows for slower rotations. On the other hand, more experienced jumpers may prefer a shorter rope for faster and more challenging workouts.

Using a jump rope that is too short or too long can impact your performance and may lead to injury.

If you’re a beginner, starting with a longer jump rope is recommended until you feel comfortable and confident in your technique. This will give you more time to adjust and develop your coordination and timing.

As you become more experienced, you may find that a shorter rope allows for faster rotations and more challenging workouts. A shorter rope can also benefit advanced jump rope techniques such as double unders and crossovers.

Experiment with different lengths and find what works best for your needs and goals.

Jump rope type

The type of jump rope you choose can also impact the length you need. Ropes come in a variety of weights, thicknesses and materials.

For example, a thicker rope may require a longer length to ensure it clears the ground with each rotation. A thin speed rope may require a shorter length to achieve faster rotations and minimize the risk of tangling.

The material of the jump rope can also play a role in determining the appropriate length. 

Leather and cloth ropes tend to be thicker and heavier and may require a longer length than plastic ropes and beaded ropes. 

It’s important to consider the type of jump rope you plan to use when determining the length of your rope.

Some jump rope manufacturers provide size charts or guidelines based on the type of rope, so be sure to check for recommendations before purchasing.

How to measure a jump rope

how long should jump rope be

To find out if a jump rope is the correct length for you, step on the center of the rope and pull it tight. The ends of the rope (not counting the handles) should reach your armpits or the center of your chest.

If the cable keeps hitting your feet as you jump, it’s too short.

If the rope drags along the ground, it’s too long.

If you’re ordering a jump rope online, an easy way to estimate how long your jump rope should be is by adding three feet to your height.

How to adjust your jump rope

If the rope you bought is too long, you may be able to adjust it.

To adjust to get the correct jump rope:

Hold the handles and step on the middle of the rope.

feet on adjustable jump rope

Pull the rope tight. The rope should be armpit or sternum height, not counting the handles.

how long should jump rope be

Adjust the length of the rope on each side at the handles or use wire cutters, depending on the type of rope you have.

adjustable jump rope handles
how long should a jump rope with adjustable jump rope

Tips for using our jump rope

Proper form and technique

Proper form and technique are essential for getting the most out of your jump rope workout and minimizing the risk of injury. Here are some tips to help you achieve proper form and technique:

  1. Stand up straight: Keep your feet together and your back straight. Avoid leaning forward or backward.
  2. Use your wrists: Use your wrists to rotate the jump rope, not your arms. This will allow for a more efficient and fluid motion.
  3. Jump on the balls of your feet: Land on the balls of your feet, not your heels. This will help absorb the impact and reduce the risk of injury.
  4. Keep your elbows close to your body: Avoid letting your elbows stick out to the sides. Keep them close to your body to maintain proper form and reduce strain on your shoulders.
  5. Maintain a steady rhythm: Jump at a steady pace, keeping the rope moving consistently. This will help you maintain your form and reduce the risk of tripping.

Cordless jump rope

If you want to try something different, just a cordless jump rope. Try the Go Fit Ropeless Jumprope

This cordless jump rope with weighted handles is designed to help you focus on speed and effort without worrying about tripping:

Jump rope workouts

Using a jump rope allows you to get a full-body workout. Double Dutch may no longer be your thing, but you can add one or more of these into your workouts regardless of your fitness level.

Quick jump rope interval workout

A jump rope HIIT workout is a cardio workout everyone can do. You can do this one at home or outside.

10-minute jump rope workout

Short on time but have fitness goals? This 10-minute workout is a great way to get a full-body workout. 

Jump rope and abs

This workout is a way to target your abdominal muscles with an interval workout

4-week jump rope challenge

​Need a good workout? This four-week challenge is a great way to add a few minutes of jump rope in addition to your strength training for the next month.

My favorite jump rope

A speed jump rope, made super lightweight with durable wire for easy turning and no tangled messes.

The adjustable rope comes in EIGHT different colors.

Speed Jump Rope
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