Jump rope workout for abs

You don’t have to travel far or spend money on lots of abdominal machines to develop a strong core and a flat stomach. All you need is a jump rope and sufficient space.

Woman with Jump rope workout for abs

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Jumping rope helps you develop both upper and lower-body muscular endurance. It also speeds up your fat-burning metabolism and reduces belly fat.

We all have abs. They are just hidden. Jumping rope can help you reveal them by shedding the layer of fat covering them.

A jump rope workout is perfect because you can use it just about anywhere. Most are lightweight and you can keep one in your car or bag.

All you need for this circuit is a jump rope and your body, and if you don’t have a jump rope you can just pretend and do “air jump roping.”

Jump rope and abs workout

jump robe and abs workout

Three jump rope tricks

Basic jump

The basic jump is the first and most important exercise that you must learn. It is the foundation for all effective jump rope workouts.

Here are some simple tips to help you learn the basic jump:

  • Keep your head and chest up, shoulders back
  • Stay relaxed, especially in the upper body, but keep a solid grip on the handles
  • Keep your knees slightly bent for maximum suspension and keep your feet together
  • Maintain a light bound and land softly and balanced on the midsole of your feet

Alternating feet

Once you feel comfortable with the basic jump, it’s time to move to the alternate foot jumps.

This trick will be great for building high-intensity workouts. You can increase the intensity and almost move to running while jumping.

Here are some simple tips to learn the alternate foot jump:

  • Keep your head and chest up, shoulders back
  • Stay relaxed, especially in the upper body, but keep a solid grip on the handles
  • Keep your knees slightly bent for maximum suspension and keep your feet together
  • To improve your rhythm, try running in place without the jump rope

Side to Side

The third jump rope trick is the side to side jump. This is a simple variation of the basic jump that will allow you to mix up your workouts.

Here are some simple tips to learn the side-to-side jump:

  • Keep your feet together at all times
  • The further your jump from side to side, the more challenging the exercise will be.

Alright, so now that you’ve got your basic jumps covered it’s time to get to work and start getting amazing results.

You can use any of the three jump rope tricks you’ve learned to complete the workout. I recommend you start with the basic jump and see how it feels.

Eventually, you can work up to the more challenging alternating foot jump trick because it will allow you to really push the pace and the intensity interval

If you really want to make the workout challenging, use a weighted jump rope.

Does jump rope circuit workout your abs?

A jump rope is a tool that allows you to burn calories and turn on fat-burning mechanisms, but it doesn’t directly work your abs. Your abs are active when you jump, as they stabilize your pelvis, but specific muscle-building activation doesn’t occur.

However, jumping does help you burn fat so you reveal the abs that you’ve strengthened with planks, crunches and twist exercises.

How to incorporate it into your fitness routine?

Jump rope and get six pack abs with as little as 15 minutes a day

Short, high-intensity intervals. Try this jump rope interval workout. Add in anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds of jumping in between body weight workouts or strength training exercises. This will keep your heart rate elevated in the fat burning zone and is an easy way to increase the intensity of any workout.

Extended sessions. Instead of going for a run or on days when the weather is bad, turn on your favorite music and jump for 15 minutes or more.

Jumping rope at a consistent pace works muscles in your core, calves, shoulders and upper back. You basically get a full body with each jump rope session.

Make sure you choose the right length jump rope or buy one that is adjustable. Having the correct length makes all the difference in your jumping.

My favorite jump rope

A speed jump rope, made super lightweight with durable wire for easy turning and no tangled messes.

The adjustable rope comes in EIGHT different colors.

Speed Jump Rope
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2 years ago

Great Article! Jumping rope really helps to develop upper and lower-body muscular endurance.  You can burn more than 200 calories in two 10-minute sessions each day.