Exercise fun for kids

Just because you like to exercise doesn’t mean your kids enjoy it. So, what do you do when they don’t?

make exercise fun for kids by making it a family affair

First, you have to make exercise fun for kids. Turn exercises into play, fun competition and even some group activities to get them moving.

We know as adults that if you have to force yourself to do it there is a 90% chance that you will never stick to it. It’s no different for our kids so you have to make it fun, which is why I always say find something you enjoy and do that.

Take the fun outside

Now that summer is here, it’s easier to spend more time outside. Outdoors is the perfect way to get moving.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years do 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily.

Try fun outdoor activities that take you back to your childhood. The thought of them being “exercise” won’t even enter into your mind. 

Looking for something to play with them, try one of these activities.

Ride a bike

family riding a bike to help make exercise fun for kids

Kids’ feet can take them further when they’re pushing pedals. Besides being an easy mode of transportation, bike riding makes for a fun whole-family outdoor activity. 


Who’s the fastest?

Running is just about the simplest form of exercise there is, and it’s perfect for kids. They love it!

Kids like to challenge someone to a race all the time. No matter how young or old they are, kids think they can beat everyone. 


I grew up going to the rollerskating rink just to hang out and for birthday parties. My son also enjoyed going in middle school, which meant more skating time for me. By the end of a couple of hours, you have had the workout of your life. 

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a fun and easy way to exercise. If there are a number of kids in the neighborhood, try a little double dutch.

It can bring several kids together and laughter for all. 

Kick Ball

Remember, playing kick ball in gym class? That is usually one of the best times in gym. 

Hop Scotch

All you need is a sidewalk or driveway, sidewalk chalk and a rock and you can play hopscotch anywhere.

Blow some bubbles

girl blowing bubbles having some outdoor fun

Although this doesn’t seem like your kids will be moving, your little one will be worn out. Chasing bubbles is no easy task.

It is something so simple, but can keep kids busy quite a while.

Hula Hoop

My kids have a hula hoop and my daughter’s very good at it. Use it on your arms, abs, and legs. Make it a game to see who can do it the longest!

Game of tag

make exercise fun for kids playing tag

The number one game of them all. Most kids like tag because it is much more exciting than other forms of exercise like running laps or lengths of a sporting field.  They can have a lot of laughs as they madly chase each other around. 

There are many different variations of tag to play from traditional to freeze tag, helping tag and jail tag.

Just have fun

Be creative and have some fun with your kids. The whole family and kids in the neighborhood will want to join in before long.

Incorporating physical activity into your child’s routine sets the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and good health. You are a role model as a parent, and your child is more likely to be physically active if you make exercise fun for kids and a family activity.

What old school activities do you think your kids would like to do?

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