Nine tips to stay on track at work with your diet

Preparing my meals and snacks are the best ways I have found to stay on track at work and on the go. As we know, life at work can be chaotic. It’s easy to lose track of time and forget to eat and drink frequently while at work.

It’s too tempting just to grab a muffin and a coffee and keep pushing through your day.

9-tips-to-stay-on-track-with-your-diet-while-at-workNine tips to stay on track with your diet at work

  1. Don’t skip breakfast. It starts with the first meal of the day. There are studies that have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast on a daily basis have much more energy and perform better at work.
  2. Prep and pack your meals. Pack your meals for the day and invest in a meal prep cooler bag. You can buy one like this or get a fancy purse one like this. One key is to do this every day because consistency is what will make a difference.
  3. Keep healthy snacks on hand at work. Swap out candy bars and chocolate pieces in your desk with healthier snacks, for emergencies. Do you like chips? You can try these BBQ protein chips, which are one of my favorites. Other things you can keep on hand include almonds and protein bars.
  4. Set calendar reminders. If you are serious about getting fit, you are going to have to become more accountable to yourself. If you aren’t using a Google calendar or something like it on your computer and phone, you need to start. You can set up reminders for meals, workouts and even when you need to drink water.
  5. Stay away from the baked goods. If your office is anything like mine, people bring all kinds of baked goodies throughout the year that they just don’t want in their house. They are tempting but not going to help your waistline or you reach your goal.
  6. Stave off hunger with liquids. Actually, you may not be as hungry as you think you are if you just drink a bottle of water. Add lemon juice to your water if you’re bloating — it’s a diuretic and works wonders.
  7. Keep a list of go-to restaurants with healthy options. You know how it goes. You pack a deliciously healthy meal when and someone wants to go out for lunch. Keep a list of restaurants around your job that have healthy options. Then, the next time you’re surprised, you can recommend a place that you know has food that you like and meets your goals
  8. Stay away from the vending machine. If you struggle with junk food or soda from the vending machines at work, the first step is to stay away from the vending machine. Remember, you have healthy snacks in your office. If possible, try not to walk by the vending machines at all.
  9. Just say no! Say, “No thanks,” to all the treats that get passed around the office: cakes, doughnuts, bagels, cookies. If you’re truly hungry, reach for one of those snacks you have stashed in your office.

With these helpful tips, you will have no problem staying on track at work. It is easier when you have healthy food and options within reach.

What are some of your tips that help you at work?

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4 years ago

It is a little funny that I’m reading this now as my son just came with ooey gooey chocolate caramel bars. I caved, I ate one. All is not lost as one could have been 3 or 4 in my old ways. Great tips, if I would have had a protein bar it would have been less by about half plus it would have some protein and fiber!

4 years ago

Great tips, I have definitely found that meal prepping and having food ready has been tremendous in staying on track, at that point I have no excuse to go for the junk or fast and unhealthy options.

Our Family World
4 years ago

Great tips! When I was still working a corporate job, I made sure I brought my own lunch everyday. That keeps me from getting fast food. The next thing I need to work on is healthy snacking.

4 years ago

This is such a great post and crazy helpful, it can be so hard to stay on track but really when you plan and prepare it is so awesome!

4 years ago

Great tips! Staying on track with your diet while ay work is sometimes though but small lifestyle changes are easier to achieve and maintain. From now on I will avoid vending machines ?

Office parties or birthdays were my biggest office weakness. I often packed my own lunch and even went walking most days on my lunch break.