Quick jump rope interval workout

A jump rope is the ultimate cardio lovers workout tool. It gets your heart rate up, burns calories and basically works your entire body at one time. 

When you’re short on time, sometimes it’s nice to be able to squeeze in a tough, effective workout in the comfort of your own home or outside, depending on the weather.

woman standing with jump rope

I’m a fan of outdoor workouts. So a jump rope workout fits the bill.

For this workout, you’ll only need a jump rope and maybe a mat if you’re working out on an uncomfortable surface. 

jump rope interval workout

During the 1 minute jump rope periods feel free to switch it up. You can do one leg jumps, criss-cross or reverse jumps. The goal is to have fun while you work out.

Benefits of jump rope workouts

  • Jump rope workouts are effective for weight loss
  • Jump rope workouts are easy to master.
  • Complete, full-body workout
  • Portable so you can take it anywhere
  • Low risk of injury with lower impact on knees and ankles than running
  • Boosts metabolism

Do you need a weighted jump rope?

A weighted jump rope is not necessary. However, a weighted jump rope, which either incorporates extra weight into the handles or the rope itself, can add some resistance and help you hit your cardio goals.

Typically they weigh anywhere from 1/4 pound to 2 pounds—which may sound like nothing, but when you’re whipping it around for a while, that weight adds up.

You can take a jump rope anywhere

Jump ropes make them an excellent option for outdoor workouts at your favorite park. Many city parks have pull-up bars and other outdoor exercise facilities. With a jump rope, you can get an awesome total body workout by combining your favorite exercises on the available equipment with one- to three-minute jump rope intervals.

They are extremely portable, which makes them an excellent option when traveling. Most hotels provide guests with a basic workout room that features a few pieces of exercise equipment. If you pack a jump rope in your suitcase, regardless of the hotel fitness facility can provide you with space for a sweat-filled jump rope session.

When was the last time you used a jump rope?

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