Backyard summer games for the family

Spring is here which means summer is on its way. The days are longer with more sunlight and it’s the perfect time to spend a little more time outdoors.

kids playing tag: backyard summer games for the family

The warm days are begging for you to get your kids outdoors. Have a games day in the backyard or take go to the park and pack a picnic as well.

Either way, games are a great way to encourage physical activity and keep your kids entertained.

You may or may not be suprised how competitive everyone gets and the workout you’ll get for just having fun. There are so many different games you can play that do not really require any to much equipment. And if they do, you might already have it on hand already.

Either way, have fun and get outside. You don’t have to wait until it cools off for fall activities. You can enjoy the pretty weather now.

Here are nine great games to play with your family

Picnic basket relay

You need two picnic baskets packed with a blanket, dishes, silverware, food and other picnic materials. Divide the kids/family into two teams.

The objective of the game is to have each player unpack a picnic basket, set up the picnic, tear down the picnic and repack the picnic basket as quickly as possible in a relay fashion.

Water balloon spoon race

What kid doesn’t love water balloons especially on a warm day?
This game is played like the classic egg-and-spoon relay race, but instead of balancing and egg you have a water balloon.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

kids chasing mom with water balloon

Have you met a kid who doesn’t love to throw water balloons at one another?

Blend the fun of dodgeball with the thrill of a water balloon fight.

This one is pretty self-explanatory: dodgeball… but with water balloons. Just remind your kids – don’t aim for faces.

Water balloon toss

For those mid-summer days when playing in the water sounds like a great idea, try a water balloon toss.

Kids take turns tossing the balloon back and forth as they move further away from one another. The last team with an un-popped balloon wins.

Relay Races

kids relay race in backyard

Relay races are a sure way to include some exercise while having competitive fun.

There are many ways to relay race as well. One of the most traditional is the three-legged race, in which two runners strap legs together and run to a finish line.

Yard Twister

Kids love the classic game of Twister, and it’s also a game that’s easy to adapt to outdoor play with a circle stencil and spray paint.

Instead of painting the circles directly onto the grass, paint them on a big sheet and let the kids get twisting.


You need at least three players to play. you can use a jump rope or a broom.

Each round the rope goes a little lower until the player falls while trying to go under. Just be careful not to clothesline anyone.

Tug of War

kids versus parents in tug of war

Teams stand an equal distance from the center line and try to pull the other team across the line.


Who hasn’t played kickball on the playground?

The rules and the setup is very much the same as baseball, but you kick the ball instead of hitting it with a bat. You run the bases and try not to get hit with the ball or tagged with the ball while running the bases.

These are only a few of the many fun games that families can enjoy in the great outdoors. With so many options for outdoor activities, there’s no reason to stay inside when the weather is beautiful outside.

You also will get in a good workout while having fun. It’s easy when you are doing activities you enjoy doing and probably laughing at all the fun you are having.

What games will you be playing with your family?

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