Try this fun bananas fitness challenge

Are you looking for a fun fitness challenge?

I stumbled upon this summer challenge shared by Chiquita’s bananas when I was in the grocery store.

Fitness challenge activities

The fitness challenge includes a 10 limited-edition sticker collection to promote health and wellness.

One thing I love about this is Whether you’re new or skilled at working out, take the daily sticker challenges are designed to work every major muscle group in your body.

20 jumping jacks
one minute plank
15 push-ups
one minute wall sit

This goal is to encourage you to get moving.

We already know that bananas are easily digestible carbs and full of potassium, important for muscle function. They also are a good base for pancakes and smoothies.

Check out the challenge yourself. What do you think?

Will you take it or challenge someone else with #ChiquitaChallenge?

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