5 signs it’s time for new workout sneakers

Do you know how important your workout sneakers are to the rest of your body? They are your base.

Not only do they help you improve performance and maintain balance, but they also help in injury prevention from even the most intense exercise. While it’s important to pick the right workout shoe for you, it’s also important to know when to ditch the old and worn down ones.

Wearing different sneakers for different activities can help with how long they last. You also will find that running shoes are probably do not provide the base you might need for lifting. Just as gym shoes do not provide enough support for running.

5 signs it’s time for a new pair of workout sneakers

Running a little 5K for Thanksgiving workouts
  • You’ve clocked 300-500 miles in them (even by just walking around).
    Similar to the mileage of your car, your running shoes need to be changed out after a certain distance. The mileage depends on several things including weight, type of shoe and the surface you run on. Also, if you run primarily on roads rather than trails, your shoes will break down faster because of the hard pavement surface.
  • You’re in physical pain.
    Pay close attention to how your body feels during and after your workouts, especially your knees and lower extremities. If you begin to feel these aches, you should take a good look at your sneakers. Shin splints and lower back pain can be signs of your running shoes losing their shock-absorption properties.
  • You’re getting blisters.
    If you are getting blisters, they may come from sneakers that are stretched out and no longer fitting properly. The discomfort caused by the friction and pressure associated with wearing the wrong shoe should be enough to deter you from purchasing the same pair.
  • You’ve worn past the bottom tread to the midsole.
    Turn over your shoe and you’ll likely spot a white area just under the tread. This is the midsole. If you see any wear and tear here, it’s time for new shoes. When you press on the midsole with your finger, it should compress. If you can no longer compress this area, it’s time for a new pair.
  • Your shoes fail the twist test
    If you hold your running shoes at both ends and twist the shoe, it should feel firm. An old shoe or one that doesn’t have proper support will twist easily.

Pay close attention to how your shoes feel over time during your workouts. When it’s time to buy a new pair of workout sneakers, head to a store where they can help you figure out exactly what type of sneaker you need for your workouts.

I’m a super fan of going to a running shoe store where they do an assessment of my running gate, heel strike and more. Your body changes over time and your shoes probably will too.

As for workout sneakers, I prefer flat bottom. The ridges from my running shoes do not create a good base for me to lift.

When was the last time your replaced your workout sneakers?

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