Spring cleaning: Time to clean up your health

Spring time outdoor running

Spring is here. It is a great time to start fresh with a little spring cleaning including your health and fitness routine.

Longer and brighter days are a perfect time to add new activities into your workouts too.

I love to add outdoor running back into my routine at this time of year. It’s still a little cool but the weather is better than in the winter when you can’t pay me to get outdoors to run. I also seem to find a way to slide some Bikram into the mix.

What about you?

Seven ideas to freshen up your fitness routine this spring:

spring time riding bikes outdoors
  1. Take it outside. Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather by taking your workout outdoors! Hit the pavement for a run, bike ride or take a hike. A simple stroll through the neighborhood can help you burn some calories and improve your mood.
  2. Register for a run or some other activity. Nothing provides motivation like a deadline. Look to see what opportunities are coming up in your area and start training.
  3. Get up early. Spring and summer gives us more daylight hours, so take advantage of it and greet the day with a good sweat.
  4. Grab some new apparel or sneakers. New workout clothes and shoes might be just the ticket for you to get moving. A new pair of sneakers or some brightly-colored leggings can be enough to get you moving.
  5. Invest in some new gear. If new clothes isn’t your thing, try picking up a new fitness gadget, such as a wearable activity tracker, a water bottle or some resistance bands.
  6. Try a new class. Group fitness classes are a great way to try things you wouldn’t on your own. This also offers valuable social support you may not experience otherwise.
  7. Take a lesson. Outdoor sports can be a fun way to combine activity with family, couples or friends. Consider tennis, golf or any other activity that seems interesting.

Make sure whatever activities you add they are things you enjoy. If an activity feels like torture, your commitment to being active will not last. If you try something and decide it’s not right for you, try something else.

What works for you may not work for someone else. Living actively does not look the same for everyone.

What other ideas do you have to spring clean your routine?

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