Simple leg and glute resistance band workout

Building and strengthening my glutes are key for me right now. I mean who doesn’t want a good butt?

Resistance band exercises are easy to incorporate into your routine. You can create a complete resistance band workout or add the band to exercises you are doing to add a little more oomph.

I bought resistance bands and let me tell you the burn is real and intense.

5 reasons to use resistance bands

  1. Resistance bands force us to strengthen our stabilizers
  2. Isolating each leg requires us to engage our core/stabilizers muscles
  3. Resistance bands allow for more muscles to be engaged at one
  4. They are an easy tool to travel with
  5. Inexpensive to purchase

Simple resistance band workout

resistance band workout and exercises
  • Lateral band walk. Start in a squat with bands above knees. Take a side step and squat again. Repeat.
  • Squat with toe raise. Start in a squat with bands above knees. Stand straight up and elevate on toes.
  • Alternating step back. Start in a staggered stance with the resistance band around your ankles. Step back 15 times and then move to the alternate leg.
  • Glute kickback. Place bands over your knees. Get on your hands and knees on the yoga mat. Kick your leg back and repeat the opposite leg.

Who should use resistance bands?

The answer is simple: anyone and everyone.

If you’re looking to gain muscle size and strength, you can use bands in place of dumbbells and machines to provide a new and challenging stimulus for muscle growth. You also can add them to barbell exercises to increase intensity.

You don’t have to be an athlete. The bands also are good for older adults and pregnant women. Standard weights can be challenging for older adults so the bands can help maintain strength and muscle mass without overdoing it. 

Looking for another resistance band workout?

Try these exercises that will tighten your glutes and make them stronger. It can be done at home or in the gym.

What are your favorite exercises with resistance bands?

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