Are things getting easier?

Some days of prep are hard as all get out. And then there are moments of when something happens and you look at it differently. It’s like maybe some things are getting easier.

planks are getting easierI wouldn’t call these planks easy but they have gotten easier. My coach decided to add weights to these planks. Sometimes I think it is torture. I know it really isn’t but that’s besides the point. On certain days it just feels like it.

Up down planks are one level off joy. Add a time clock and it seems like it is ticking slower than slow. This time I had to move the weight from side to side after the up down movement. It’s crazy to feel how much easier these have gotten at least on this day.

Getting stronger helps make planks and other exercises seem easierThere are a number of ways to work your core. Here are six dumbbell exercises for your core. Turkish get-ups were not pretty for me. I’ve only done them once and I know why. You should have seen me. The only other one I have tried T-Pushups. I really don’t like them.

There is no real easy way to get what you want without pushing past your comfort zone.

How bad to you want it? Are you willing to go above and beyond what you think you can to achieve your goal?

Add weights to your planksI have learned a lot about my body in the past two years. It also has seen a number of changes that I never thought would be imaginable. I set out a goal with my coach almost two years ago and things are materializing before my eyes.

I started out with the goal of competing in my first bodybuilding competition because it was a new challenge. Today is much different. My goal is to continue to beat the “me” that I brought to the stage the last time and learn more about my physique in the process. I am hoping to really step on a national stage this year. If not this year, next year for sure. Right now my eyes are set on a show in August. Will I get there? I’m raising the money and as long as my body follows the correct path, yes.

What seems to be getting easier for you?


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