How to handle muscle soreness after a workout

How do you feel after a workout? You probably feel awesome with a touch of beat down, but all in all awesome. However, what usually follows a day or two later is muscle soreness after a workout.

Achy, sore muscles are par for the course in getting stronger, leaner and fitter. When we lift heavy weights or take on a new workout regimen, it is something to expect.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (also known as DOMS) is stiffness that you may experience a few days after exercise. DOMS is caused by microscopic tears that damage the muscle. Don’t worry, these tears are actually beneficial because they force our muscles to rebuild, which burns a lot of calories and increases lean muscle mass.  

You can manage muscle soreness after a workout so that you don’t find yourself from your workouts.

Tips to prevent muscle soreness after a workout

Keep Moving

cardio to keep you moving to help with muscle soreness

Contrary to popular belief, the worse thing you can do is sit still. When we stop moving, our muscles build up lactic acid and get stiff.

Even though you may feel sore after a workout, try to do some light cardio the next day to keep blood flowing and prevent stiffness.


Make sure to stretch and lengthen your muscles often. Remember to do dynamic stretching (stretching while moving/light stretching) before your workouts and static stretching (stretching while being still/deep stretching) after your workout.

You shouldn’t do static stretching before a workout because your muscles are not warmed up and you’re likely over-strain your tendons or pull a muscle.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the answer to almost all body issues. Your body needs a lot of water to refuel after a tough workout so make sure you are filling up.

Muscle pain is often a result of dehydration. If you need help with plain water, try these tips for infused water. You can infuse water with fruits and vegetables in many different combinations.

Foam roll

Using a foam roller is an effective method of reducing tension and increasing muscle length. It increases blood flow to your muscles.

A foam roller is perfect to help your muscles recover

My favorite foam roller has groves in it to mimic hands and fingers.

Eat bananas

Bananas are full of potassium which prevents muscle soreness and cramping. Eating one banana post-workout will help prevent aches and pains.

How do you recover after a workout?

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