7 Tips on Staying Motivated To Exercise This Winter

It’s cold outside and the thought of leaving your toasty bed seems unlikely. I know because some days I feel that way. There are days where there are 10,000 reasons to stay in bed than go to the gym. However, that is not the answer because there are so many different tips to staying motivated to exercise year round.

7 tips to staying motivated to exercise this winter

Warm weather makes it easier to think about staying active. But one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is with exercise. Not only will it get our bodies warm with activity, it will also keep us invigorated and feeling good physically as well as mentally.

Here are my 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter

1. Mix up your training routine

Monday: Yoga. Tuesday: Strength training. Wednesday: Cardio. Thursday: Yoga. Friday: Pilates. Saturday: Spin class. You get the idea.

The quickest way to fall of is boredom. I’m a big fan of mixing up my training and you should too. Mix up your training by adding in a yoga session or two each week, take a bike ride or go for a walk with your partner. When you keep a diverse training routine you are less likely to skip training.

I am in the gym doing strength training five days a week. Even with my strength training, I mix it up to include free weights, kettle bells, battle ropes and machines. My cardio is also a mix of running outdoors, HIIT on the treadmill, spin bike, Arc trainer and the stair mill. There’s no reason to have to do the same thing each and every time you workout.

2. Schedule it

Treat your workout sessions like any other important appointments and meetings. Your workout is no different than another weekly meeting or collaboration appointment. It’s a meeting with yourself. Schedule your training session in your work calendar or Google Cal.

3. Eliminate any hurdles that may stop you from working out

A well balanced meal and meal prepping are tips to A workout partner will help you stay motivated to exercise year roundMake your workout so convenient that you can’t avoid it. Wear your training clothes to bed, pack all your bags and meals the night before, have all your make up ready in a separate bag. Also preparing your lunch or breakfast ahead of time can help with fueling your workouts as well as eliminating the excuse that you have to cook. When you remove all the hurdles, you have zero excuses to skip training.

I am a big fan of sleep in my workout clothes especially when I have an early morning workout or run. I eliminate one excuse by just having to get out of my warm bed and basically go. No need to have to get out of my pajamas to change clothes. I just slide out of the bed, put on socks and sneakers then head out of the door.

4. Morning workouts

Do it first thing in the morning, before your brain can talk you out of it! You will less likely have issues in getting busy with helping kids with homework, cooking dinner or just veggin’ out on the sofa. You don’t have to think about it anymore during the day once you are done in the morning.

5. Focus on how it makes you feel

Remember how good and energized you feel after that HIIT session; or how toned and more confident you feel after that weights session or yoga class. Focus on how good you feel after a class – it will most certainly help you to get out of bed when making love to your bed seems more enticing ūüėČ

6. Find a workout partner or get a personal trainer

A workout partner will help you stay motivated to exerciseSometimes, you just need that extra kick and accountability partner. You are less likely to cancel a session when you know someone is waiting for you at the gym and/ or if you have already paid for that session. Schedule a catch up with a friend at the gym  which allows you to killing two birds with one stone. If you are just getting started, group fitness classes or a personal trainer could be the way to go.

7. Workout at home

If you have no desire to head outdoors for your workout, then no problem. Stay in the comfort of your home. There are plenty of fun workout videos and exercises to help get with a plan. These also are online resources that offer a variety of workouts including yoga, strength training, aerobics and other body-weight exercises. I have a few things at home that I can do without leaving my apartment.

These are my top 7 tips on staying motivated to exercise this winter.

What your tips are in staying motivated this winter? Share them in the comments below!


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4 years ago

I do daily exercises in my wheel chair and a couple standing in front of it. I have found that the only thing that motivates me is company. I’d live in my room if I could. When I have company I grab my weights from beside the table and do it while I’m talking.

4 years ago

It’s never easy to start working out, most of the time you’re going to feel unmotivated! I think these are great ways to keep your spirit up and to keep going!

Ruth Ridley
4 years ago

great tips! I need all the inspo I can get! Working out at home is a great idea!

4 years ago

You are so right that it is hard to workout in the winter. I have found that buy laying all of my clothes and supplies out the night before, I am more apt to get to the gym in the morning. Mixing up a routine also helps–I love to swim and also run on the treadmill!

Elizabeth O
4 years ago

These are some great tips to stay motivated in a workout. Workout at home is the best idea. We can do our weekly workout routine while we stay in the comfort of our home.

Our Family World
4 years ago

As much as I would love to hit the gym everyday, I don’t have time to do so. Even exercising at home has taken a backseat. I will try to get motivated to start exercising again. Health should be a priority, not an opton.

4 years ago

I definitely needed this tips. It feels impossible to fit in right now with the holidays!

4 years ago

It’s sooooo hard to get motivated during the winter for me. I ALWAYS have to schedule my workout times so it remains a priority.

4 years ago

Eliminating the hurdles is one of the best tips. We need to do that b/c hubby and I are not as consistent as could be partially due to not getting rid of the hurdles.

4 years ago

Sharing this with the gal who works in the room next to me. She’s just asked me to keep an eye out for something motivational for her. She feels her drive starting to slip.