Treadmill workout for beginners

Are you looking to change up your walking or running routine on the treadmill? The treadmill doesn’t have to be boring.

Treadmill workout for beginners to help you achieve your fitness and health goals

You can spice things up even as a beginner. Try incorporating a variety of workouts – walking, running, add an incline, HIIT, steady state cardio, sprints and intervals to name a few.

To start, just jump on and press go. You will find that a beginner treadmill workout can be a great introduction to exercise equipment in the gym and form the foundation of a routine.

How fast should you go as a beginner?

The best plans start slowly and increase in length and intensity over time. Starting slow is the best way to ease your body into a new routine.

You do not want to feel burned out as a beginner. It can be discouraging and lead you to give up because your workout feels too hard.

When I first started on my fitness journey, I did run-walk intervals outdoors. But as the weather got cooler, I took to the treadmill. I played with speed and intensity always looking to keep things interesting especially indoors.

treadmill workout for beginners

As a beginner, there is no reason to get fancy with it. In this workout, you keep the same speed but change the intensity with the incline.

Incline training works the leg muscles differently and more efficiently than training on a level surface. Incline training provides a cardiovascular workout without having to increase the speed.

What are the benefits of steady state cardio?

  • Involves training at the same speed for an extended period of time ranging from 20 to 60 minutes.
  • Steady state cardio is constant; there are no moments of rest.
  • Steady state cardio will burn fat and muscle.
  • This type of cardio training is great for all fitness levels especially beginners.

Walking and running on the treadmill can be helpful in improving your overall health and helping with weight loss. It doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful. Here are a few ideas I use to spice up my morning cardio on the treadmill.

Do you prefer the treadmill or elliptical machine?

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