Why I exercise

I started my fitness journey about seven years ago because I wanted to lose weight. I looked at pictures and didn’t recognize the person that was me in them. So, I decided a two-prong approach: running and making small changes to my diet.

why i exerciseMy motivation came because I refused to buy any larger clothing. I didn’t have a set amount of weight I wanted to lose, but knew some of it had to go.

I didn’t own a scale back then but measured my success on my clothing. And things began to change. Running was fun and din’t feel like a chore, which made losing the weight relatively easy.

Exercise became a habit

Saturday group run with the girlsRunning made the difference. I lead a running group of women five days a week. We ran early mornings during the week and the weekend.

I wasn’t the fastest but it felt good. I was making small increments to my overall goal and lead me to why I exercise today. I wasn’t out to be a supermodel or anything of the sort. I wanted to lose weight and be a much healthier version of myself.

When I exercise, I feel energized. I also feel alive and powerful.

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And now, I have a new found relationship with working out. Strength training gives me life in a weird sort of way. When I lift more weight than I ever have before and push harder just a little bit more, I feel great.

Overall feeling

The feeling lasts throughout the day even when the muscle soreness sets in.

I concentrate better.

My mood is overall happier.

I handle stress better.

At the end of a workout, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Well, it’s because I basically have because I survived the workout.

On the flip side…

Building my back with cable rear deltsWhen I do don’t work out, I feel lethargic, unmotivated and unfocused.

A workout drives me forward.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are days I have to motivate myself to get in the gym or out on the pavement.

For those morning workouts, I have a few tips including going to bed in a sports bra and pair of shorts. Things like this make it easier to slide out of bed and almost keep it rolling. I can slide on a tank top and sneakers before heading out the door.

In these moments and others, I think about where what my end goal is.

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And I get up. I get dressed. I go. End of story.

Everyday is not easy but I can’t imagine it any other way.

What motivates you to get moving? Have you taken a step back to really acknowledge how you feel after a little bit of exercise?

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