Running like a faucet

It is peak week and there’s a lot that can be said for what happens specially in the bathroom. Some things we talk about as competitors and other things we don’t, or not at least with others going through it too.

peak week bathroom dilemmasI increased my water earlier this week to two gallons a day. It’s been pulled back throughout the week, which means I have been feeling like a funnel. Yes, in my mouth and then right on out another way.

Blink my eyes and to the bathroom I go. Call it a peak week dilemma.

Since I am spending so much time in the bathroom I was happy to have the opportunity to try it out Up and Up Premium Ultra Strong bath tissue on behalf of Vocalpoint.

Drink all the water

One of the things we joke about but is pretty serious, is the amount of time we live in the bathroom. I am drinking quite a bit of water and it seems every time I blink my eyeballs, I am back in there.

up and up ultra strong helping me through peak weekI decided on the Up and Up Premium Ultra Strong versus the Up and Up Premium Ultra Soft.

The toilet paper is thick, soft and strong. Up Up Strong’s cushiony-texture is soft and gentle on my skin. The best part is even though it’s soft, it’s still nice and strong and it cleans well.

I will admit that I am usually a Charmin kind of girl. On a rare occasion I might use Quilted Northern. But that’s about as far as I usually stray.

bathroom dilemmas during peak weekI wasn’t sure what to expect. They are everything I could as long for. The loo roll is really smooth and soft and strong. It’s so smooth that to be completely honest, when I opened it my heart sank. Also the rolls are really long and last ages! We’re converts!

Which way?

This might seem silly after talking about toilet paper, but since I just shared my living situation in the bathroom I figured I might as well ask: which way do you hang the toilet paper? I have a personal preference.

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