Beat the heat: Boot Camp

Group fitness usually isn’t my cup of tea, but this weekend I got together with my teammates to participate in a Clean Eatz of Columbia Boot Camp session. One of my fellow 803 Fitness team mates led the session for all who turned out.

mountain climbers at boot camp

This station was 2 minutes of plank jacks or mountain climbers. I think it was 2 minutes. Either way, it seemed like an eternity as it was station #5.

Workout stations for boot camp

1: Toe taps around a curb

2: Chair squats with cross jab

3: Two lunges and two squats

4: Footwork: All I can do is call it out-out-in-in on the line in the parking lot. When you got to the top, run back to the bottom and begin again.

5: Plank jacks or mountain climbers

footwork at clean eatz columbia boo tcamp

It’s been a while since I did a full workout outdoors. It is so flippin’ hot here in South Carolina with heat advisories most days. So, while I enjoy being outdoors and even running outdoors, it has to be done extremely early in the day or not at all.

The boot camp class definitely pushed me. I had no expectations of what the workout would be like. I was going to support Clean Eatz Columbia and also because they are a sponsor for Team 803 Fitness.

Team 803 Fitness

team 803 fitness meets at clean eatz boot camp

Team 803 Fitness was represented by my coach, Bernita Stuckey, me, Theta and Evie Belton. Of course this was before we got hot and sweaty.

We spent the morning rocking it out on the pavement. I must admit that it was fun to watch our coaches be put through a workout that they had no control over. It made me smile from deep inside. It’s not like they haven’t done it themselves before.

Bernita and I used to work out together in a different gym before 803 Fitness opened. There wasn’t a thing I didn’t do that she didn’t do too. Heck, they both are IFBB Pros, so I know they can and do put in the work.

What are your favorite group type exercises?

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