Back on the pavement for what?

Yes, I am officially back on the pavement.

It’s been more than three years since I have run a half marathon, so I am nervous. I am nervous for the training, the distance and what it will do to my physique. But I am not going to let that keep me from doing one of the things that got me started in my fitness journey.

running along the river for half marathon training

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I have not run consistently in about four months. That is basically an eternity for me since I started the Black Girls RUN! Columbia (SC) chapter years ago. At that time I was running five days a week. As I transitioned to bodybuilding, the amount of time I spent on the pavement scaled back. And then in April my shoe strings were cut completely moving my cardio to the stair mill.

Running the 811 5K race

I was impressed with myself when I ran a 5K a couple weeks ago. Do you ever get that feeling that you know you can do something but you aren’t completely sure until you do it?

Well, that is how I felt crossing the finish line. The clock officially read 30:08 and my goal was a sub30. I go by the clock but know that I had a sub30 because I wasn’t at the front of the pack when the race started and there wasn’t a time mat at the state, only at the finish. Regardless, I ran the race I wanted and mustered through the week before the show.

What challenges will I face?

I am sure there will be plenty. My body is stronger but running is different than bodybuilding.

Dehydration. I won’t say that it is inevitable, but it is something that I will have to keep an eye out for during runs. I use a running backpack to carry fluids but I try to limit my intake. I may have to have a different strategy this time.  We’ll see. I know dehydration is a huge factor to my cramping. I will continue with the liquid magnesium because it really helped when I depleted for shows.

Fueling up. My “diet” will definitely be one of the factors in fueling up for the training and then on race day. But I also add other types of fuels during the run itself. I use to use a couple of specific gel packs, can’t recall what they are now but will have to look and be mindful of the sugar content. I loved and probably will return to Honey Stinger waffles.

Energy. Running is something I usually enjoy but can take the umph out of you. Eating properly and getting enough sleep will be key in getting through the next 10 weeks.

Sore body. In addition to the muscle aches from strength training, running on the pavement adds wear and tear to the joints and ligaments in different ways. I feel it everywhere and then some from short stints so I know that it’s going to be more so as the frequency of runs and mileage increases.

On the pavement: 11 weeks to go

hill repeat cardio on Sundays

My fitness sister, Eboni, and I will be running the St. Augustine Half Marathon on November 11. It should be a lot of fun. I say that now but know how I get when it comes to race day.

The goal this week is to knock out three three-milers. Next week I officially will follow a modified Higdon’s Intermediate 1 half marathon training plan. I am modifying it to four days a week on top of my strength training. I will be running Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturdays. I will get on the stairmill on Thursdays.

In addition to running, I will continue with daily stretching and strength training. I need to add the massage therapist every few weeks.

I’m also considering a chiropractor. I am not sure about it but have been told that it will work wonders for my body.

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? What was that like?

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