Most comfortable workout clothes in and out the gym

I spend the majority of my non-work time in workout clothes. I would rather be in a tank top, a sports bra and shorts or leggings instead of anything else. 

You know how it feels when you find an outfit that you love because you know that your clothes make you feel confident and ready to blast through it.

woman wearing adidas is one of the most comfortable workout clothes

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Heck, I even sleep in workout out clothes. No pajamas are needed here because I believe in having the most comfortable workout clothes ever.

But regardless of what I need it for, I prefer whatever I am wearing to support whatever activity I am doing. 

What about you?

In the gym

On any given day, I am in the gym once or twice a day. Once for cardio and second for strength training. 

When I am in the gym I do not want to be pulling or yanking on what I am wearing.  Fiding workout clothes that are comfortable for women is a must because I am in the gym for a purpose. The last thing I want to do over and over again is to adjust my clothes.

Let’s start with the sports bra. It has to fit comfortably and not smoosh the girls. They aren’t the biggest in the world but that is beside the point.

I also like my sports bra to be relatively stylish. Not many people get to see it because I always have a tank top or t-shirt on. Regardless, I want it to be cute and stylish for myself.

There’s no reason to sacrifice comfort for fashion while working out. And I have found that with some of the adidas running pieces. You can be comfortable, supported and stylish.

woman standing near the water in reebok apparel

Reebok is a brand I turn to often for style, fit and comfort. They have shoes and apparel for all types of activities. You also can purchase items for different sports including running, hockey, football, basketball and weightlifting.

Another favorite is the Champion line at Target, called C9, which has a large variety of workout clothes, with many color-coordinated separates. Target is one of my favorite stores, and I do a lot of my shopping there, so it’s also convenient and the prices are reasonable.  They also have plus and maternity lines, which many stores do not carry.

When you are training, you need your apparel to aid in your performance.

Regulate temperature and moisture

Your apparel needs to be able to breathe well so that your body temperature is regulated. A cotton shirt holds heat in and soaks up your sweat, becoming very uncomfortable after a short period of time. You need a shirt that is breathable and moves moisture away from your body.

Needs to be lightweight

I don’t know about you, but heavy running apparel or any apparel just weighs me down when I training. Among other things, heavy clothing is annoying. Lightweight apparel is key to maximizing exercise efficiency.

Allow for range of motion

Depending on the material, cut and length, a shirt or pair of shorts/leggings can either be flexible and provide full range of motion or bind up and be a distraction.

Whatever workout clothes you wear, it needs to allow you to move freely without binding so that you can get the most out of every exercise and every rep.

I am torn about tanks and tops. I like them to be fitted yet not to snug. I definitely have moved away from the super big t-shirt. When I am running, I also prefer a sweat-wicking top. There is no need for chafing. 

Comfortable when I’m out and about

When I am out and about, I like to be comfortable and cute. 

I know that might sound crazy because I can just wear a regular pair of shorts and a shirt for that. However, I prefer gym clothes nine times out of 10.

woman in black fabletics two piece workout apparel

Fabletics is one that is perfect for this. It is primarily an online store, with some physical locations, with a VIP membership program that allows you to get up to 50% off your first fitness outfit. I love the details on the shirts and leggings as well as the strappy sports bras.

You can find something that matches the activity you or your kids are doing. There’s no need to sacrifice style and comfort for quality.

What are your must-haves in your workout gear?

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