Why the half marathon?

training for the half marathon

I haven’t run a half marathon in more than three years. But in less than three weeks I will be back on the pavement running the St. Augustine half marathon.

I remember when my brainiac friend and teammate suggested we run the race. I sort of jumped for joy inside because the half marathon became my challenge distance. It was challenging in the distance, the mind game, finding the right tempo and improving my time.

I have sort of missed the distance but really it’s the camaraderie that comes with training for the half marathon. But regardless of the fact, 13.1 miles will be here for the taking soon.

Making the distance

running on the river

13.1 miles is no joke.

I have always finished the distance. If I recall correctly, there was only one time I wasn’t so sure about the distance: ING Miami. It was hotter than bajesus and I had to go to the bathroom. Have you tried running more than 5 miles having to GO to the bathroom?

Regardless of that time, I see the half marathon as a combination of strength, will power and dedication. NO matter how man times you cover the distance, it can be different on that day.

So to prepare for race day I have used a Hal Higdon plan. I’m doing using the Intermediate 1 plan for this race too with a slight modification to fit with my bodybuilding improvement plan.

Picking the right half marathon

I am not sure that there is a right half marathon. The distance is the same regardless of where you run but sometimes that is all that is the same.

Most of my half marathons have been destination races – San Diego, San Juan, Miami and Philadelphia to name a few. In addition to finding picking the racecation spot, I have looked at the course. There’s something totally different about running a relatively flat Miami half marathon versus a never ending hilly Raleigh course. Your body travels the same distance but it experiences something different depending on the course and what you trained for.

When you decide on the location, I would recommend looking at the following:

  • Course.
  • Typical temperature on race day.
  • Terrain: Street running, trails, hilly, cobblestone, etc.
  • Scenic course. Do you want something to see or a characters like Disney races.
  • Big versus small. Some races have more than 10,000 runners while some local races have less than 1,000.

Why not the half marathon?

It’s been a while and I really just wanted to do the race. Seriously.

Call me crazy but there’s nothing like pushing your body to it’s limit and seeing what the results are. To me, that is part of what bodybuilding is about. We push our bodies to its limits to see what we can do and how we can transform it to turn around and do it again.

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