Try a rowing machine workout for fat loss

If you are looking for something different than a treadmill workout or stairmaster workout, you should try a rowing machine workout. A high-intensity interval training rowing machine workout is great for fat loss.

woman in orange tank top using rowing machine

The rowing machine can get your heart rate up and a full-body workout. I don’t know about in your gym, but at mine, they are usually overlooked machines. They usually are empty.

Why a high intensity interval training workout?

HIIT involves doing repeat cycles of high intensity followed by short recovery periods. Typically the high intensity periods last between 15 seconds and a minute, with recovery periods lasting between 30 and 90 seconds. You can do anywhere between 4 and 12 repeats.

What are the benefits of rowing?

A rowing machine is a low-impact workout that works major muscles of your body in one smooth motion. Rowing burns more calories faster, cutting cardio time significantly, but still getting an effective workout. 

It’s also a great alternative to running intervals or jump rope intervals.

The rowing machine workout

row machine hiit cardio workout for fat loss

How to row properly

Getting tips from the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team was one way that helped me get started.

While rowing, for your maximum fat bursting results, you pay attention to specific parts of your body. Pay attention to your body posture not only to gain the maximum profit from this exercise but also to avoid any injuries, muscle strains or tensions. Your back must be in the natural arched position while you perform both the forward and backward stroke. On the backward stroke, your knees must be entirely straight before your pull the handle to your torso.

An alternative to an elliptical machine and treadmill

When it comes to exercise machines at the gym, you may overlook the rowing machine at first.

The treadmill focuses mainly on the lower body, while the rower provides a full-body workout. While the rowing machine and elliptical both work the upper and lower half of the body, the rowing machine also works the abs with each stroke.

If you live in an apartment or small space, you will find a rowing machine can be folded up, so you can stow it away when you’re not using it.

Also, if you live in a condo or apartment where people are below you, a rowing machine is quieter than a treadmill.

Rowing machines also tend to be more affordable than treadmills.

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