Meal Prep Monday and pizza without guilt

It’s my improvement and building season, which means following a meal plan but with a little bit of flexibility. I’m excited about a number of the meals that I bookmarked and pinned while on competition prep, especially this new pizza.

Real Good Pizza fits my macros and is pizza without guiltYes, pizza. Pizza without guilt is fabulous. A few fellow competitors posted about Real Good Pizza, so I decided to look for it. My local Kroger grocery store had it. The personal five inch pizza is tastier than I could have imagined. It is not the traditional pizza with stuffed crust that I get for my little man.

The pizza crust made of chicken and parmesan cheese. I know that sounds all kinds of weird, but I promise you, it’s better than you can imagine. The crust has the consistency of a very firm pizza crust and tastes great.

Because the pizzas are completely grain free, they contain no gluten. They are also made with hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, all natural and non-GMO vegetables and locally sourced cheeses.

Can I splurge on this pizza?

Real Good pizza is pizza without guiltNot exactly. While the pizzas pack 25 g of protein and only 4 g of carbs, they do also have 14-16 g of fat and 240-270 calories. For most people, it’s more like a snack. But if you are in the mood for pizza and don’t want the nasty blood sugar impact or ton of calories, I think this is an excellent option.

Meal prep for the week

This week’s meal prep includes Slow Cooker Saucy Orange Chicken, cilantro shrimp with cauliflower rice and chicken fajitas.

Meal Prep Monday: shrimp cauliflower riceCilantro Shrimp with cauliflower rice. This dishes is simple and made it folk packs right in the oven.

Meal Prep Monday: chicken fajitasChicken fajitas served with rice and sauteed peppers. Some people also added black beans to their meal.

Variety keeps me on point

One of the things that I love about my meal plan is that it allows for variety. The first two weeks and last two weeks of competition prep sucks because it is very rigid. At the beginning you are really narrowing things down and phasing all the extras out. And at the end it is the most rigid that it can be. Both are necessary because of what you need your body to do.

Until we officially kick off competition prep after Thanksgiving, I am going to enjoy the variety of foods. My meals do allow for more carbs and I am enjoying them all – rice, potatoes, cream of wheat, oatmeal and quinoa.

I am enjoying the benefits of sauces and seasonings that get reduced during prep. There’s no room for letting things get out of control during this improvement season. It requires to much work to get things in line. I will enjoy pizza without guilt as well as a number of other items that I will not eat at all during competition prep.

What are you eating this week? 

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