6 move low impact interval workout

I love a good interval workout. I usually include a lot of jumps, but they are not necessary. A low impact interval workout can burn calories and get your heart pumping. 

Whether you’re dealing with an injury, are new to exercise or just don’t feel like jumping around, we all need the option of a low impact workout.

woman doing low impact interval workout

One of the things you will love is that these exercises don’t require any pounding or jumping. Think lunges, squats, push ups and more. 

Most movements are smooth and at least one foot is always on the ground.

Benefits interval training

Interval training is a series of short exercise periods of time that change from one thing to the next with minimal rest periods in between.

  • You’ll keep burning calories for hours
  • Helps when you are short on time
  • Interval workouts can be adapted with so different exercises
  • Routines won’t be boring
  • You don’t need equipment

In order to get the full benefits of intervals, you need to really push your intensity level during the moves. It can be a low impact interval or high intensity interval training, both have a place.

Focus on making your movements as quick as possible, performing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) without losing good form. Aim for maximum effort during the interval, talking should be difficult and you should need to catch your breath by the time the interval is over.

Low impact interval workout

low impact interval workout you can do anywhere

You can do this in your living room or take it outside.

It’s six moves that you will do for 30 seconds and then rest 30 seconds. The entire circuit takes 6 minutes. Complete the circuit three times.

The workout will take you 18 minutes.

It still packs a sweaty punch, but without all the bouncing and stress on your knees, hips and ankles. You can say it is a low impact workout for bad knees.

Other interval workouts

It’s easy to think that you have to spend hours and hours in the gym to achieve your best body. But you don’t. You can do a 20 minute HIIT workout in or out of the gym and get an effective workout.

Need a quick warm up or want to add a little total body HIIT after your strength training? Try this 10 minute interval workout.

How often do you incorporate intervals into your routine?

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