13.1 mantras to get you through your next half marathon

Let’s be honest. There are some days that we runners just aren’t feeling it. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way especially when I have to get out on the pavement and log some miles.

But with the right words, training runs and race day can be awesome. Seriously, music and a few mantras can go a long way. They can help get your through tough runs and help you hit your goals.

Running mantras can help you get through rough running times.The key is finding a mantra that resonates with you. Sometimes it takes more than one in half marathon.

Here are 13.1 mantras. One mantra for each mile on the pavement.

  • I can. I will
  • I am strong
  • Just keep running
  • Right left right left
  • Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.
  • Remember: Sweat is fat crying
  • Don’t stop now
  • The faster you run, the sooner you’re done
  • One foot in front of the other
  • You got this.
  • Run the mile you’re in
  • Suck it up buttercup
  • Breathe in. Breathe out.
  • Light and steady

It’s usually the last few miles that are tough in a long distance race. It’s when you literally have to talk yourself into continuing because every ounce of your soul is telling you to stop.

On a good day, it’s when I am approaching mile 10. I hate when I see that 5K left sign or hear someone say it. It’s not like we are any closer to the finish line; granted you have already run 10 miles there are still three miles to go.

Mantras off the pavement

Mantras are helpful for running but in other places also. I find myself using them at the gym.

For me, I tell myself “Come on, Cheri.” I usually am talking myself into pushing out another rep because my mind is trying to tell my body to quit.

One thing I have found is each time you repeat your mantra, your brain and body will respond. The more you use it, the more it becomes a part of who you are.

Do you have a favorite mantra you use to push through a tough time?


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4 years ago

YES!! Run the mile you are in, saved me when I did my fist 10k!! Another one I like is…My kids are my reason, not my excuse. I like the idea of having one mantra for each mile. I want to do my first half this year so I may try this!

4 years ago

I have zero desier to be a runner — haha — but your mantras sound exactly like what I’d tell myself when I used to swim the 1650 (it’s a mile — the swimmer’s version of a marathon) in high school!

4 years ago

These are great, it’s amazing how one minute you can feel like you just can’t keep going, but when you push through, suddenly you can go way farther than you thought. I love “Sweat is fat crying”, I’ll have to remember that one next time I’m running đŸ™‚

4 years ago

These are great, helpful tips. Running a marathon is a dream and I am training and working on fulfilling it next year đŸ™‚