10 tips for safer running

I’m back on the pavement. Well, a little and it’s taking a little getting used to. Have you gotten back outside for your cardio? Before you lace up those sneakers — I want to share with you some essential running safety tips.

two women running in a group for safety

If you know me, you know I prefer the outdoors. Running outdoors is how I like to decompress and reset. It’s important to remember that the world is crazy and not so nice of a place sometimes.

As women, we need to make sure we take extra steps to remain safe during our run and walks.

Here are 10 outdoor running safety tips

Don’t run alone. I know this isn’t always doable. But when you can, run with a running group or ask a friend to join you. Having someone with you will not only keep you safer but also will help to keep you motivated.

Tell someone where you are going. When you can’t run with others, at least let someone know when you are going out for a run by yourself. Let them know what time you’ll return, where you’re running and check in with them when you get back.

roadi d bracelet is a running safety tip to keep you safe

ID bracelet. Always have identification on you. One of the biggest mistakes most people make is not having any form of ID when they go for a run. I wear a Road ID bracelet. The best part about this ID is that you are wearing it, so it’s not like you have to worry about taking something else with you.

Road ID was created on the concept that active fit folks should wear ID as part of their gear when participating in outdoor activities. Besides the bracelets, Road ID also has a phone app, shoe pouch, dog tags, ankle IDs and even dog collar IDs! Whatever identification you choose, they’re durable.

Stay visible. Wear bright clothes, and if you’re running at night, reflective clothing. Bright and reflective clothing will help others see you. I can’t tell you how many people wear all black clothing even at night.

Woman wearing a reflective running vest to be seen when running in the dark

A reflective running vest is one of my favorites. They are lightweight and inexpensive to purchase.

Reebok has reflective tights for women and reflective running tights for men.

Carry your phone. Also not a hard one for me, and probably not too hard for you either. In today’s digital world, your cell phone can be a savior. Make sure to program any emergency numbers into it and have it easily accessible while you run.

You can carry your phone and your keys in a running belt. They are lightweight and can be tightened around your waist with little to no bounce.

Know your neighborhood or plan your route. Before you start your run — especially if you’re in an area you don’t know very well — take some time to learn about the neighborhood, and find some running routes. Use MapMyRun to find local routes that others are doing nearby, or even just check your map.

Running a little 5K for Thanksgiving workouts

Don’t run the same route. This is an extension of planning your route. Don’t always go the same way all the time.

Run facing traffic. I wish this was obvious, but apparently, it still isn’t to everyone. Always run facing traffic so that you can see what is coming.

I have found that it has been helpful to be able to eyeball drivers of oncoming cars, especially with distracted drivers.

No headphones. I admit that I don’t abide by this one. And even though I do wear headphones, I never have the music all the way up. I make sure I can still hear cars and other people around me.

What tips do you have for safer running?

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4 years ago

These are great tips for running. Feeling safe will give you peace of mind and ultimately lead to better performance and enjoy your runs to the max!

Great tips!! My husband likes to run, so I will share these with him.

4 years ago

These are such great tips! I’ve even gone as far as giving my husband the password to the find my phone app that way if God forbid something terrible happened he could quickly track my phone!

4 years ago

These are great tips! I am not a runner, but I always worry about runners when I see them. I am really careful when driving by them too

Courtney Buechle
4 years ago

These are such great tips, I always get a little scared if I am running outside especially if it is early in the morning so no one knows I am going. So important to at least let someone know and the track. Awesome post.

2 months ago

Great safety tips. I’m a walker but I still follow these tips.