Best way to dry sneakers easily

Have you ever found yourself caught in the rain leaving you with wet sneakers and socks? You might have been out for a run or just walking from the store to the car.

woman with wet sneakers running in rain

Either way, your sneakers are squishy and one of your main goals is to dry them without ruining them?

You may think the best way to dry them is to throw them in the dryer. While that is one way, I wouldn’t call that the best way.

Putting tennis shoes or sneakers in the dryer is a bad idea. And a costly one too.

The easiest, most effective, least damaging way to dry wet shoes is with newspaper!

There is also an added bonus: newspaper also removes odors naturally. So you are doing double duty!

Here’s how to dry sneakers with newspaper

  1. Remove the insole and stuff the shoe from toe to heel with crumpled newspaper. Let this sit for 1 hour.
  2. Remove the newspaper and stuff again with dry newspaper. Let this sit again for a couple of hours.
  3. Remove that round of newspaper and stuff again with dry newspaper and let it sit for 8-12 hours.

By now, they will most likely be completely dry and smelling better too! If they are still not quite dry, just repeat with more newspaper and sitting for a few hours until they are dry!

Once they are dry, you can go back to running on the track or having a little fun with hill repeats.

Things you should not do to dry your sneakers

Other than the dryer, there are other things that you should avoid using or doing to dry your pair of tennis shoes.

Do not use the hairdryer to dry your shoes

Besides being a waste of time and energy, the heat can increase the odor factor as well as damage materials and adhesives. A hairdryer also can be a fire hazard.

Do not put your shoes in direct sunlight

While this will dry your shoes quickly, it will also wear the shoes quickly. If you hang them outside, find a partially shaded area with lots of circulation. This will dry your shoes and keep them from fading or damage from direct heat and light.

How have you dried your sneakers? Did you know about the newspaper trick?

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