Strengthen your core with ab wheel roller

Call me crazy but I bought an ab wheel for home. You know, that little contraption that typically consists of a single wheel on an axle.

Bought an ab wheel to work on my core this off season


Well, I want to take my core to a whole new level. My core and glutes are two areas that I constantly work on as a bikini athlete. Both continue to improve with the proper nutrition, workouts and rest. I just need a little more work on the areas and can easily roll to the floor on commercials or whenever. I don’t need a gym to work on my abdominals.

Two a days

I have replaced my two a day cardio with the ab wheel. Seriously. I hit the floor in the living room after I wake up with 40-60 reps. I follow up with the same thing a night while I watch TV before I go to bed.

For the past 10 weeks or so I have been doing two a day cardio – HIIT in the morning followed by steady state cardio later in the day. But those days are gone after getting feedback from the NPC Stewart Fitness Championship judges.

I am hoping that it will help make a real difference in my overall physique as well as when I get back on stage.

How to use the ab wheel roller

Ab wheel starting position. Place ab wheel in front of you with both hands on it.

Step 1: Kneel on the floor and, with the wheel in front of your legs, place your hands on both sides of the wheel. A pad or mat can be used for your knees for comfort.

Step 2: Keeping your core and upper body tight, roll the wheel forward, going as far as you can without your back rounding or arching. Your elbows should be slightly bent. Your spine and hips should remain stationary throughout the movement.

Step 3: Use your abs and core to roll the wheel back to your original starting position. Again, your upper body should stay tight throughout the movement. Make sure your core is doing the work rolling the wheel back and not your arms.

Keep your core tight as you roll out as far as you can go.

Step 4: Perform each full rep in a controlled manner, completing the desired number of reps until your set is finished. To reduce the risk of injury, do not roll too far until your technique is mastered and you have increased strength during the movement. Your goal should be to get parallel to the floor.

Working on a stronger core

This little device is a witch but works so well. I remember when I first started using it, almost two years ago, I barely could do five. Now is a little different story.

The ab wheel roller is designed in such a manner so that your abs, arms, back and shoulders get the maximum benefit from its use. Make sure to concentrate on the stretch. As you keep your back tight, make sure your midsection is doing the work.

Have you ever used an ab wheel? Thoughts?

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5 years ago

i have a serious love/hate relationship with the ab wheel. but i agree .. it works wonders!

5 years ago

I find the an wheel so hard so you go girl!

If I can replace cardio with this thing I am SO down!

5 years ago

Good for you – I didn’t think that those things were still around!

This looks AMAZING! I need to look into these!

5 years ago

I’ve always wondered about these, guess I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing! x

Lindsey Mozgai
5 years ago

The ab wheel looks like it was a killer workout! I’ve always seen others use them but can’t say I have myself.

2 years ago

Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! the way of taught ab roller.