Exercises with resistance bands for glutes

Resistance bands can make a world of a difference when you are looking for a change or without a gym. Exercises with resistance bands for glutes can give you quite a burn if you know how to use them. 

Woman doing exercises with resistance bands for glutes

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Resistance bands may not seem as hardcore as lifting weights, but you can get an effective workout. Targeted exercises and the proper resistance can get you similar results as doing heavy squats at the gym. 

And since I am currently home under stay at home orders, I wanted a creative workout focusing on glutes and legs. My glutes are one of my weaknesses. One of the added bonuses to resistance bands is that you can bring them wherever you go. 

Types of bands

Booty band

You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram. I bought these booty bands and I love them for glute activation. But you also can get a killer, full body workout with just a mat and booty bands.

Resistance bands

These bands are long and tend to be very high in resistance. They’re mostly used to assist with chin-ups, but can also be used for all kinds of exercises that work the whole body. For example, lunges, banded hip thrusts, dips, overhead squat and more.

Resistance bands come in a range of resistances. It allows you to switch a band that gives you heavier resistance or combine the bands to increase the resistance.  But on the other hand, you can also switch the grip on the band or the distance to the anchor to increase/decrease the resistance, which you can even do on the spot while doing an exercise.

Resistance band workout

You can do this workout just about anywhere. I took mine outside of my apartment.

You can do these exercises without bands. Focus on the movement and you still can work your muscles.

If you’re looking to gain muscle size and strength, you can use bands to provide a new and challenging stimulus for muscle growth

Another booty band workout

woman using resistance bands for glutes

Simple lower body workout

Incorporate these four different exercises into your workout to target your legs and glutes.

What are your favorite glute exercises?

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