Best free fitness apps for home workouts

The gyms are closed and many of us are left without a place to get in our daily fix of a workout. Depending on where you live the parks and beaches also are closed. However, you may still want to get a good workout but not sure where to turn.

As things have been changing, many fitness apps have been making themselves available for free.

There is an app for almost every type of workout out there. Do you want yoga? A spin class? Zumba class? There are options in apps and YouTube channels.

Here are 7 of the best free fitness app options for home workouts that will come in handy for all of us in the upcoming weeks.

7 Fitness Apps or Livestreams for home workouts

Peloton app

You are probably very aware of Pelon because of their cycling or treadmill workouts. But did you know their app has an extensive library of strength workouts, yoga, stretching, walking and other cardio?

Right now you can get a 90 day FREE subscription to the app and all the workouts. A credit card is not needed. I am a fan of a few bike instructors that I am almost tempted to get the bike for myself at home just because I don’t have access to it at the gym or a bike, in general, to use the app myself.

YMCA 360

YMCA 360 is a new online community program to allow members and the general public access to a variety of classes. The on-demand program includes group exercises like Boot Camp, Barre, Yoga and low impact programs for seniors. Additional classes for adults and youth activities are planned in the coming weeks.

The YMCA is my home gym. I love it to pieces at home. And when I travel I always find a YMCA to get my workouts in. This is not like going to the gym, but it sure will help.

Nike Training Club

I have used the Nike running app at the beginning of my fitness journey when I trained for half marathons. I received an email that let me know that they dropped their premium service. Their library of workouts contains everything from bodyweight strength sessions to yoga.

Planet Fitness

The first thing that comes to mind when you think Planet Fitness is probably not group fitness classes. However, with the closure of their gyms for at least the next few weeks, Planet Fitness has begun offering free home work-ins daily at 7 p.m. EST on their Facebook channel.

Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga On Demand is offering free classes while their studios are closed. Classes range from 30-60 minutes with a different focus for each class.


You are probably very familiar with TRX suspension straps. Did you know TRX has an app?

TRX app was made free to everyone for three months in an effort to provide resources available in workouts. Go to and create a profile with code YUPVKVHVRW. Download the TRX app in the App Store or Google Play. Use the login info from the profile you created on


P.volve opened its online streaming community to help fill the void of closing gyms and workout classes. The online streaming is free of charge for 30 days with promo code OnePvolve. No credit card required.

The streaming platform consists of hundreds of workout videos and programs geared to strengthen and tone the body. The resistance-based, high intensity, low-impact method is featured in videos that can be sorted by length of time, body focus and equipment used and can be done in small spaces with limited-to-no equipment.

Do you have a favorite fitness app you use?

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