Balancing fitness and self care

When we think of what it means to be healthy, we typically think of exercising regularly, eating healthy foods and avoiding things that are harmful to our bodies. However, we often overlook self care, which can be our foundation.

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It’s easy to think of others before ourselves. For many, it’s what we have learned by watching others do just that.

We often take care of others before ever coming around or thinking about ourselves. However, it’s important to do things for yourself to make sure you prioritize yourself before the cup runs dry.


noun: the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own physical, mental and emotional health.

One of the best ways to ease into a self-care routine is to ease into it. Slowly find opportunities to add moments that are for you.

Below is a list of self-care ideas. It’s to get you started while you decide what is important to you.

Lunch date with friends

go on a date as a way to recharge

There’s nothing like being surrounded by your friends and people you care about. It’s a time to connect and laugh.

Being with other people can be self healing in ways that you are unaware of on so many different levels.

A day outdoors

Immersing ourselves in nature can be one of the most powerful and effective ways of taking care of ourselves and healing. You don’t need to be hiking in the forest to connect with nature.

It can happen in our backyard, our garden, a neighborhood park, or anywhere that can bring us closer to the natural environment

Go for a walk

Brisk walking reduces stress by boosting endorphins, which reduces stress hormones. Walking connects you to your environment in new ways, which provides refreshing insights to what previously seemed commonplace.


Find a quiet space in your home for yoga, meditation, or even just a few moments of relaxation.

full list of self care ideas

Finding a way to balance your self-care and fitness routine will help you in many areas of life, from overcoming stress and anxiety to learning how to be a better parent, spouse and friend.

Self-care means many different things to different people, but it’s essentially simply activities that make you feel good, whether inside or out.

Establish a self care routine that works

You have to figure out what types of self-care are important to you and your well-being. Once you figure out what is important and works for you, create a unique self-care list of your own.

Your list may evolve over time as you find elements and practices that resonate with you. Remember that your self-care list will be different than others. We are all individuals and it will be as unique as you are.

What is something that you do for yourself?

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