Yoga gift ideas for moms and beginners

If you have someone who loves yoga, you know their practice is an important part of their lifestyle. They probably already have a yoga mat and a water bottle, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t but the perfect yoga gift.

So when birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving events come up, it makes sense you want to give them a thoughtful gift to help with their practice.

Sometimes that can be tricky. Instead of wondering what to buy, these yoga gift ideas and pick a useful gift that any beginner yogi or advanced yogi will leave a lasting impression.

woman stretching with yoga blocks on floor in gym

It’s a part of self care

Stretching and yoga poses are great ways to relieve muscle soreness. It’s one of the best forms of self care you can do for yourself.

I’ve become a big advocate of daily stretching in the past year. Many of the stretches come from yoga.

I am not a yogi, but yoga poses do help with flexibility and improve range of motion.

So, what do you need if you are looking for items to help with your stretching or you are looking at starting your yoga practice at home?

These yoga props and yoga accessories can help with your yoga practice or if you just need to stretch out your muscles.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are yoga props to help you improve your stretching and yoga practice. 

You can use yoga blocks to help get deeper into poses. They also help with proper alignment by adjusting the height of the yoga block to help you hold poses.

There are three different types of block materials:

Set of 2 Foam Yoga Blocks

Foam Blocks

Cork blocks

Wood blocks

Yoga bolster

Yoga bolsters have a variety of uses including opening the chest for breathing exercises. Whether practicing prenatal yoga, restorative, or anything that requires additional support, yoga bolsters can help with your practice.

They also support and relieve pressure on joints, provide lumbar support and deepen stretches.

Yoga wheel

yoga wheel is a great tool to use to open up your shoulders and hips during yoga poses and stretches for balance, strength and flexibility.

Yoga Wheel

A wheel can be used in your regular yoga practice much like you would a yoga block for added support and balance. It is useful for modifying a variety of yoga poses, including backbends like plow and bridge.

Yoga straps

Using yoga straps can help improve your flexibility gradually as you work on the tightness of your hips, neck and shoulders.

Metal D-Ring Yoga Strap

Sometimes it can be hard to enter certain poses due to your lack of flexibility. Using a yoga strap can help you extend your reach so you can get into that pose.

I bought yoga straps to help with my home stretching. I also use to use them at the gym and found them helpful to with my flexibility.

Yoga mat

There is no better gift than a really good, high quality yoga mat. It’s like an avid cyclist getting their favorite bike or a runner their favorite shoes.

Feather Yoga Mat 3/16

The mat is where a yogi spends so much of their time, so like a bed, it needs to feel good, provide the support they need and serve its function well.

Yoga mat bag

Carrying your yoga mat, yoga towel, yoga straps and blocks to the yoga studio can be a little cumbersome, which is why a bag is the perfect gift.

It’s designed to hold yoga mat and has pockets for your phone, keys and other small items.

Yoga Mat Bag with Side Pocket

Foam roller

Everyone has tension. Trigger Point has several different foam rollers that you can use to dig into your muscles and release built up tension.

Foam rollers aren’t typically grouped with yoga props but they can be beneficial to helping your muscles be pliable.

Trigger Point Carbon Foam Roller

Meditation cushion

A meditation cushion is much more than a sofa cushion. The goal of your pillow is to keep your knees lower than your hip bones, so it has to be firmer.

Yoga mat cleaner

A mat cleaner is an excellent choice whether you are a hardcore yogi or newbie, especially after a hot yoga class. The mat cleaner will not leave any slippery residue on your mat.

Yoga outfit

Treat someone to a fresh look. A new outfit – yoga pants and top – is the prefect git to make her look and feel great on the yoga mat.

Yoga stick

Help correct your posture from sitting hunched over on you computer all day. The yoga stick is a posture corrector and open the upper body for better breathing.

Yoga fan cards

This Yoga Fan is super handy if you’re looking to remember yoga poses and improve your yoga practice. They are like flashcards that are organized on a ring.

Each of the poses is broken down very clearly with the explanation of breathing patterns, proper alignment, and modifications.

Yoga socks

Gaiam toeless socks

These toeless yoga socks are the perfect accessory for any yoga practice. Their main purpose is to allow a person to do yoga anywhere, on any surface without a mat. The grips on the bottom of the socks help you keep your feet in place in any pose.

Other gift ideas

Other great workout recovery gift ideas include gift certificates to local massage therapists and visit to a day spa.

Wrap up

You can find the perfect present for runners, CrossFitters, yogis, hikers, bodybuilders, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Heck, these are great ideas for people who do not participate in organized activities but need to stretch the kinks out of their bodies.

What do you think yoga lovers need to help with their practice?

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