Yoga gifts for moms and beginners

A little bit of soreness often goes hand-in-hand with living an active lifestyle. Honestly, even the day-to-day grind and time spent hunched over a computer can lead to nagging aches. 

Taking care of those aches and pains are the best self-care you can do for yourself. Stretching and yoga moves are great ways to relieve muscle soreness. 

woman stretching with yoga blocks

I’ve become a big advocate of daily stretching in the past year. Many of the stretches come from yoga.

I am not a yogi, but yoga poses do help with my flexibility and improve my range of motion.

So, what do you need if you are looking for items to help with your stretching or you are looking at starting your yoga practice at home?

Check out some of my favorites that can help with your yoga practice or if you just need to stretch out your muscles.

beginner and yoga gifts

These yoga stretching gifts are good for runners, CrossFitters, yogis, hikers, bodybuilders, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Heck, these are great gifts for people who do not participate in organized activities but need to stretch the kinks out their body.

1) Gaiam yoga mat 2) Yoga bolster 3) Yoga mat wash
4) Non-grip socks 5) Yoga wheel 6) Yoga blocks 7) Yoga straps

yoga bolster

Yoga bolsters have a variety of uses including opening the chest for breathing exercises. Whether practicing prenatal yoga, restorative, or anything that requires additional support, yoga bolsters can help with your practice.

yoga wheel

yoga wheel is a great tool to use to open up your shoulders and hips during yoga poses and stretches for balance, strength and flexibility.

A wheel can be used in your regular yoga practice much like you would a yoga block for added support and balance.

I bought a yoga strap to help with my home stretching. I had become use to using it at the gym and found it helpful to with my flexibility.

Sometimes it can be hard to enter certain poses due to your lack of flexibility. Using a yoga strap can help you extend your reach so you can get into that pose.

Using a strap can also improve your flexibility gradually as you work on the tightness of your hips, neck and shoulders.

Other great workout recovery gift ideas include gift certificates to local massage therapists, foam rollers and visit to a day spa.

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