Starting over from scratch

Starting my blog over from scratch

I am starting Views From Here over from scratch. Yes, absolutely from scratch.

I let my hosting lapse for a month and lost everything. It bites because I had been sharing my journey and travels. But I won’t let this put a damper on things. I have new goals and this new start gives me the opportunity to do this with purpose.

Join me on my adventures of fitness, health and food. All three are a part of every aspect of my life. 

NPC Mid Atlantic Classic bikini athleteOne of my biggest goals is to nationally qualify as a National Physique Committee bikini athlete. I’m getting closer. The transformation is happening.

Food. Well, while I am on prep it is kind of restrictive. I hope to be able to experiment a little and try things while I am pushing to get where I want. I meal prep for myself year round because it just makes life easier. I also am meal prepping for a few friends so those adventures ought to be fun to share with all of you.

This week’s meals include:

  • Turkey meatballs and garlic green beans
  • Chicken kabobs
  • Salmon with a teriyaki glaze and broccoli

As of this moment, the chicken is marinading. They will be on the grill in no time.

Here’s to my future adventures. Let’s go.


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