What to grill this weekend or any day

what is on the grill fills the air with summertime fun with food

What do you have planned for your grill this weekend? It’s summertime which means you will probably be firing up the grill to put some chicken, sausage or burgers on it.

It’s that time where people spend some time firing up the grills. It also means getting your friends and family together for some grilled chicken, hot dogs, sausage and more.

I have a few favorites. Some of which I can eat now and others that have to wait until after prep is over.

A traditional bbq menu is always nice. But it is always nice to try different things to cook on the grill. There are so many options you can try.

10 things to grill

chicken, steak and vegetable items to grill
  1. Grilled chicken – You can’t go wrong with chicken on the grill. Season it or let it gather its flavor in a marinade.
  2. Burger – You can’t go wrong with beef or turkey. Both can be made to a tasty perfection within a few minutes. Topped with cheese, grilled onions and more.
  3. Grilled Bratwurst – You can’t go wrong with a tasty grilled bratwurst. Top them with your favorite mustard, grilled onions and sauerkraut.
  4. Shrimp – Grilled shrimp is one of the fastest things you can cook on the grill. Shrimp take less than 5 minutes to cook.
  5. Hot dogs – Grilled to perfection are the best. Make sure you have a variety of toppings and condiments.
  6. Grilled vegetables – Grill them on their own or on skewers. Vegetables are perfect especially corn, bell peppers, zucchini, onions and asparagus.
  7. Scallops – Grilled scallops come out tender and full of flavor without any special seasonings. Grilling them is much easier than searing them in a pan because you don’t have to worry about how hot the pan is or getting an even crisp crust. Just pop them on the grill and in five minutes they’re juicy and ready to eat.
  8. Portabello mushroom burger – perfect portobello mushroom burger! This giant meaty mushroom is irresistible on is own. But add it to a burger bun and pile it high with toppings.
  9. Fish – You can grill a variety of fish from salmon to tuna to mahi mahi and more. There are a lot of possibilities for grilled fish. Try grilling a whole fish for you and your family.
  10. Pizza – If you’re craving brick-oven crispy pizza crust, you can get the same results at home with grilled pizza. 

Cooking your food in a grill basket or in Aluminum Foil pouches is a great way to keep clean up easy.  You also can use a vegetable grill basket to keep them from falling through the grates.

At home or with friends

Whether you decide to throw things on the grill at home or get together with friends, there are many benefits to grill season.

In addition to enjoying some great food and having very little dishes to clean up, throwing food on the grill can allow for some quality time with those closest to you.

Tips to enjoy BBQ season

time to enjoy bbq season with friends and family
  1. Weigh your options. If it’s on the menu, grilled shrimp is a great protein choice. Chicken has less calories than a cheeseburger or hot dog. Try to fill your plate with vegetables or salad options first so you don’t have much room for more than one burger or hot dog.
  2. Pick your mixer wisely. Orange, cranberry and pineapple juice are great mixers, but they’re loaded with sugar and unwanted calories. A better option is to mix it with seltzer and lots of ice. Then add a couple of slices of fresh oranges, lemons, limes or even some pineapple chunks for flavor. The same goes for soda and energy drinks. Pick the zero-calorie versions when mixing them with alcohol.
  3. Fitting in fitness. Maybe there’s a group exercise class you can take before heading to the barbecue. Or you can always take a long walk when you get home from the fun.

You can cook just about anything, even dessert and pizza, on the grill. You can have amazing food within minutes and without a lot of clean-up.

What are your favorite things cook on the grill?

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3 years ago

I love having bbq’s whenever the weather is nice! I usually grill veggie burgers and sausages which a delicious, I do like making little grilled veggie skewers though. I am very hungry now after reading this!

Chloe xx