Track ladder workout: improve your speed

It’s no secret running holds a special place in my heart. Running is my go-to cardio. Running intervals is one of my favorites because there are so many different ways to do it.

When heading to the track, ladder workouts are easy, effective and yet challenging. They are super easy to remember. There’s no need to count laps and the pace stays the same. Plus, it’s fun to build up the distance and then come back down.

Ladder workouts are incredibly versatile – they can be completed anywhere. You can run ladders on the track, outside or on the treadmill. And best of all, ladder workouts are a great way to quickly increase your speed.

Going to the track?

Try this ladder workout to get faster and stronger.

speed track ladder workout

For this workout, start and end with 800 meters or two times around the track.

You will run each ring of the ladder run twice before moving on to the next.

Ladder workouts are great for the track because you can easily add on laps with each new portion to increase your distance. On the treadmill, you can increase your speed after a set distance.

Pay attention to your form

Poor form can keep you from hitting your top speed. Here are a few things to think about:

Avoid heel strike: Every time you heel strike (when your heel hits the ground first) it’s like you’re hitting the brakes. Heel striking not only slows you down, it can waste energy.

You should try for a midfoot strike that keeps your foot directly under your body.

Relax your shoulders: For most people, one of the first places to noticeably feel tension is the shoulders. First, take a deep breath and let it out. This should automatically drop your shoulders. Dropped shoulders will open up your chest for better breathing.

Control your breathing: Your breathing rhythm should be in line with your running. Getting your breathing right is integral to your running technique and should be practiced so that you can maintain your composure on race day as your concentration is elsewhere.

Do you like to run intervals? If so, how often do you run intervals?

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