Walk or run the stairmaster and reap the benefits

What’s your favorite cardio machine at the gym? I am not sure that I have one because I prefer my cardio outdoors, but the benefits of using the StairMaster makes it a good option.

Yes, the stairs to nowhere. You pick the name: step mill, stair mill or the stair climber; it is an effective way to target lower body muscles in a short amount of time.

This cardio machine is not popular among all gym-goers compared to treadmills or elliptical machines. However, the stair stepper is a lot more challenging than either of the other two. The low-impact nature allows people of any fitness level to use it.

What are benefits of using the stairmaster?

stair master or stair mill: one of the best cardio pieces of equipment

Using a StairMaster has strength and cardio benefits. It is very effective for building muscle and strengthening the legs, hips, glutes and thighs. It also works your core muscles and will improve your balance over time.

It’s a low-impact exercise

You can keep stress off your knees and ankles and reduce your risk of injury in comparison to some high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Walking (walking stairs), biking, elliptical machine, swimming are low-impact cardio examples that will increase your heart rate while reaping a number of health benefits.

Burns a number of calories at a time

You should maintain proper form to achieve the best benefits. You can do this by keeping your head up and your eyes looking forward. While you’re exercising, keep your upper body tall to keep from hunching your shoulders and back. If you don’t maintain proper form, you’ll get a weak workout, with fewer calories being burned.

Start off at a slow pace whether it is your first time or 50th time. You can change the intensity of the workout by increasing the speed. But remember, only use the rails to assist you with balance.

Excellent lower body workout

Stair climbing makes for an excellent lower body workout. Workouts focus on lower body muscles – calves, glute muscles, quads and hamstrings, so you will burn body fat, build strength and lean muscle mass.

StairMaster workout

Walking the stairs is an effective workout that will reap a lot of benefits. You can walk a single step at a time or mix it up by skipping steps while keeping proper form. Some people even add a side step into their cardio workout to add some variety.

You can customize your workout for speed and resistance to combat boredom. I am not a person that sweats easily, but trust me when I say that the right stair climber workout can leave you dripping in sweat within minutes. It won’t require a long time .

30 minute STEPMILL or stair master workout

What kind of workouts can you do on the StairMaster?

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – High impact workouts on the step machine allows you to walk the stairs at various intervals getting your heart rate up without the bouncing or jumping of other HIIT workouts.
  • Low Impact Steady State – Walk on the step machine at a steady pace that you can maintain for the entire time. Start slow and increase the pace slowly.

What am I hoping for using the stair master?


shalama jackson at the 2018 NPC Palmetto Classic

Here are a couple of pics from the Palmetto Classic weekend. I took to the stage with improvements since last summer but not completely where I had hoped. My glutes are tighter and I have less body fat on them than in June. However, I need to be leaner to compete on the next level.

I am about seven weeks out from the next competition and I need to shred some body fat before I suit up and slide on my competition heels.

The goal is that using the stair master over the next several weeks will allow my body to see the changes we need. Stay tuned. I will share my progress.

Do you use the StairMaster into your cardio workouts?

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