Wrapping my brain around the next goal

Next goal in sightI have been thrown for a loop. It’s good but I need to wrap my brain around the next goal of this year.

It looks like I am prepping to compete in my first national competition 10 weeks from now. Am I ready? Ummm. Not sure. Am I willing to do everything possible to step on that stage in Pittsburgh at the end of August? Heck yes.

So, why do I need to wrap my brain around it?

Competing on a national level means bringing everything I have and then some to the stage. I am not taking this lightly at all. I want to represent myself and my coach to the very best. Just a couple weeks ago I was comfortable in my own skin on stage. I am not sure I would have felt the same way if it was on a national stage. I’m not looking for an out. This is just real talk and as honest as I can be as I look forward.

Goals for next 6 weeks:

  • Drop body fat. Seriously. This is an extreme sport which requires some extreme things. If I am going to compete with women at that level, I have to be tight and right.
  • Bring the sass. Posing is sass and art at the same time. It’s one of the things about bikini that is different than other divisions. You need to be able to be confident and sassy at the same time without going overboard.
  • Put away sweets. I have a sweet tooth like there is nobody’s business. I need to shove it back in a box cause this girl needs to bring all the pieces together and quickly.
  • Drink all the water. It is such an issue for me. I am better now that I am back to drinking BCAAs in my water. I just need to keep it going.
  • Believe. I trust my coach like I trust no other person. She has not steered me wrong in so many different aspects. But this sport and process are not easy, especially mentally.

I want this. We talked about moving things up to the national stage. My coach, Bernita, can see more than I can. I just didn’t think we were talking about this year.

First national competition in sight

Ab wheel exercises for the coreI’m working on training and doing all the things necessary to bring the best me to the stage. At the same time I am also working to help raise money to offset the cost of the show. I estimate it will cost me about $1,500 for hotel, airfare, entry fees, tanning and make-up. I’d love a new suit but that might not happen. I’ve emailed friends and family asking for monetary donations. I am now working on turning to local businesses.

Would you be willing to help get me there? If so, you can donate here.

What goal are you working on this year to accomplish?

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Wow, competing at a national level is an amazing accomplishment, congratulations! I look forward to following your preparation over the next several weeks – I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job!