Whitney Houston: A voice that fills the air

Whitney Houston. What comes to mind when you think of the woman, the artist, the voice?

whitney houston sitting plane side For me, she was a woman with a voice that could fill the void in the air and take you on a journey at the same time. Her voice is unmistakable and undeniable.

Whitney on the big screen

whitney houston voice fills the voidI went to see Whitney, the documentary with a friend of mine. One of the things I love most is that you get to hear straight from Whitney.

The interviews and footage they used to share her life on and off the stage gave you more depth to who she was. This was no Disney fairytale kind of documentary or movie. They pulled back the onion on several things including her parents, drug use, marriage struggles and more.

I am a long time fan and wasn’t really surprised by anything except for one thing. She definitely had some demons she struggled with her entire life and I am not necessarily talking about the drugs.

I am amazed that she was able to hold onto that voice all those years smoking and doing drugs. I do remember the Michael Jackson tribute when she came out on stage looking like Skeletor. That is when the cat was really out of the bag, or so the saying goes. From then until she did her last interview with Oprah, it seemed like she would never re-emerge how we remembered her. But she did come back with one last album, “I Look to You.”

Although her life ended tragically, we are left with great music and a voice like no other.

Whitney Houston concert with favorite songs

I have not been able to get Whitney Houston music out of my head since the movie. It’s not that I forgot what she sounded like, but the movie touched my soul.

What are some of your favorite Whitney songs?

Here are some of my favorite songs (not in any particular order):

“I’m Every Woman”

“I Learned From the Best”

“I’m Gonna Be OK”

“I Believe in You and Me”

“My Love is Your Love”

”Queen of the Night”

”It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”

”Count on Me”

I can go on forever with songs. Her musical library is deep. Listening to the music now changes because of experiences, but they still take me on a journey.

I didn’t add the “Star Spangled Banner” even though I do love her rendition of it. It’s actually interesting that some would say that is their favorite Whitney song.  Her rendition is what many get compared to. Not sure that is fair for all singers out there, but it is what it is.

What is your favorite Whitney memory or song?

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