When is it time to replace workout clothes?

I love fitness apparel. Seriously! I probably have more workout clothes than anything else.

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Workout clothes are the first thing I look for when I walk into a store even if it’s not what I am shopping for. If there are clothes in the store, there is something fitness related in there.

Most fitness gear can last for years. However, some gear can be used way beyond their expiration date if you aren’t careful.

It doesn’t hurt to replace workout clothes or even upgrade some of your pieces.

Gym shoes/Running shoes

You can usually take a look at the soles of your favorite running shoes and know it is time to toss them. However, for most runners, the average length of time your shoes may last is between 350 – 500 miles, even if you are walking in them. For those who run at least 25 miles per week, the recommendation is to get a new pair every 3 to 4 months.

If you notice abnormal aches or pains in your feet, legs, knees, hips or back after a workout it could be a sign you need a new pair of shoes. You also may get blisters.

Lifting gloves

If you use weight lifting gloves, check the padding. If it is worn down in the grip, it is time.

Sports bra

Typically, you should replace your sports bras every six months to a year. I have several favorites: this strappy bra in any color and this light impact bra in every color.

It’s time if your sports bra has broken clasps, requires a second bra for sufficient support, rides up (which means the band is stretched out), or it just looks old.

They shouldn’t have birthdays. Here are my 5 signs it’s time for a new one.


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Depending on how often you wear them, leggings can last on average six months to one year. So, you are replacing your leggings once to twice a year.

Choose a pair that contains spandex and more nylon than cotton, which sops up the sweat and causes the fabric to break down quickly, and stretches out more easily than technical fabrics.


Buy a pair of headphones that are water and sweat-resistant because the buds that come with your iPhone aren’t waterproof. Just don’t forget to zip them into a case before you toss them in your bag.

I prefer to buy wireless headphones good for working out and good for running. Those are my two staples and like music to keep me focused and moving.

What do I replace often?

The things that I replace more frequently than others are sports bras. I remember hearing the woman talk about the importance of safety and support when I first started running long distances. She shared that a sports bra should never have a birthday. Meaning a sports bra should be replaced within 12 months of purchase.

I am in need of new running shoes. I threw away my favorite pair of Newton’s after my half marathon last year. I currently have a pair of Hokas that I received from a photoshoot but need to add a pair of running shoes into the rotation. I also need a pair of lifting sneakers.

Where can you find good deals? Here are a few of my favorite places to purchase fitness apparel that is budget-friendly.

When was the last time you replaced and got rid of exercise clothes?

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