What happens at the aha moment?

Aha moment and light bulb went off at the same timeLast week I had an aha moment about how to reign in my sweets eating and knock out the end of the 2017 competition season.  I hadn’t planned on it, but there it came.

I had been eating M&Ms and Oreos for a couple days trying to convince myself that just a few here and there wouldn’t matter. Then out of nowhere it hit me: if I’m competing at North Americans this year, I need to drop kick sweets right in the throat.

Seriously. I love sweets. During competition season I pretty much leave them alone cause once I start, it’s hard to break up with warm cookies, brownies and of course the treasured and delightful cupcake. And if you know me, there is the traditional post show cupcake that is required. Goal is always one cupcake but this girl loves sweets.

However after my teammate said her goal was to compete at North Americans this year, our coach gave me the go head and get your tail ready road trip statement and look.

Was that enough?

Nope. Still munching on sweets for a couple more days. But I made it official and the light bulb came on when I told a few people in my very small circle and family members.

Things got real quick

I live and die by and organized calendar. No seriously. Most things are on my Google calendar. We also have a family calendar to make sure we know when lil man’s events are as well.
Counting down to aha moment when organized by calendars
As far as competing goes, I did the weekly countdown backwards. It got real quickly when I did the count from NPC Stewart Fitness to now layered on top of that was 2017 IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh. It is actually 25 days from show day to show day.

Umm. I’m not so much worried about the days between because my first year I did two shows three weeks apart. The Pittsburgh show is on a new level. Everyone looks fantabulous. Can I compete at that level? Is it doable this year?

Raising the bar and the money

Competing at the 2017 IFBB North American Championships wasn’t on my radar for this year. I know making my way to a national stage was in the plans but I thoughts 2018. However, I am up for competing and getting feedback on what we need to improve as I continue in this sport.

The athletes that compete on the national level all come with their A game. You don’t make the effort and travel just for the heck of it. The bar is raised and you bring everything you have to the stage. My brain has accepted it and I am zeroed in on what we have to do for NPC Stewart Fitness so that we make tweaks leading into what will be my final show of the 2017 season.

In addition to getting physically and mentally prepped, the other part is raising about $1,500 for this trip to help with airfare, hotel, entry fees, tanning and makeup.

The desire to compete came after losing about 30 pounds as I ran half marathons. I was a local run leader for a nationwide woman’s running group, which helped me and other women focus on their personal fitness goals.

When was the last time you had an aha moment and what was it about?

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