Sacrifices: What are you willing to give up?

How bad do you want it? You know, that one thing that you say that you want to try or do but find any excuse to keep you from working towards.

what are you willing to do? Goals require sacrifice.I think about this a lot. I think about it even more so these days because I am in the middle of competition season.

My brain is fighting me

It’s crazy, but my brain is trying to convince me that I need to eat something salty and crunchy or something sweet aka chocolate like. A bag of chips or some Almond M&Ms would be good right now. I’d even take a Reese Peanut Butter Cup.

The question is, will it be worth it? I am sitting two weeks after the first show of the 2018 season and hopefully a little more than five weeks from the second show. There’s no reason to give in.

I do not believe the short term pleasure is not worth the big sacrifice. Now don’t get me wrong; I have walked around my apartment at night opening my pantry and cabinets hoping that something sweet or salty will jump out at me. But there’s nothing to be had. I’ve kept it that way because I know if it was there I would be in trouble. It’s not because I have no control, but I am human. My mind and body want the same thing but at times they don’t.

For the moment, I will hold out until June 24 when I get to have a a meal and slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Giving up before you start

sacrifices made to achieve goalIn the past week or so I have heard a number of people say that they can’t compete because they don’t have the discipline or it seems to hard. I agree that not everyone is meant to compete. But saying you can’t because you aren’t willing to give something up for a short period of time is giving up before you even try.

Can’t. Won’t. It’s too hard. We are all aware of those sayings when something seems out of reach or we tell ourselves we don’t have the discipline to achieve something.

Sacrifices or

sacrifice word


What sacrifices are you willing to make or temporarily give up?

You dream about IT or watch others achieve IT – learn a new language, take a trip, run their first 5K, lose weight. You’ve wanted to do something but have been afraid or unwilling to do IT for one reason or another.

I know what that is like. I still live that at times. Sometimes it’s my goal to improve from the last time I did something – run a faster 5K, pose better in the next competition or be more comfortable in my skin. I sometimes can do that on my own, but mostly my coach, fitness friends and sometimes an AP keeps me on track. There’s no pulling punches with them because there’s no sugar coating it. I either want it or I don’t. Winners don’t give up or give in.

What are you willing to temporarily sacrifice or give up to achieve your goals?

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4 years ago

I agree with this 100%. So often I feel myself giving up before I even start. Definitely have to work to stay motivated.

4 years ago

It is tough to give up some things. I feel like it goes in cycles for me – sometimes I like to splurge on things, and then other times I am frugal. Or I indulge around the holidays and then I pick up better fitness or eating habits. I would say I’m really good at sacrificing getting unecessary for myself so that I can save money.

4 years ago

I totally agree! Sometimes it can be hard to gives things up, but usually, it pays off!

4 years ago

I needed this! I’m trying to get back on track with healthier eating and exercising more regularly. I almost gave up half way through my workout yesterday but something in my head was like JUST DO IT!!! and I completed it. I was so proud after!

4 years ago

Mindset is everything!