Ultimate list of gifts for weightlifters

Are you looking for a gift for a weight lifter or fitness lover? Look at this list of gifts for weightlifters that range from gym accessories, technology, clothes and apparel.

To help you narrow down the ideal gift options, we have listed out about 31 gift ideas for you to select from. These exercise buffs will get your beloved one motivated and keep working out.

 Best gifts for weightlifters, bodybuilders and powerlifters

1. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is so important. A large water bottle like this Hydroflask is perfect for taking to the gym or keeping with them all day long.

2. Adjustable dumbbell set

Adjustable Dumbbell and Barbell Set

An adjustable dumbbell set is a perfect gift for a home gym and home workouts.

They are easy to adjust so you can increase or decrease weight quickly and move on with your set.

3. TRX suspension trainer

A versatile training tool that can be set up anywhere. You just clip on, wrap, hook or hang from any secure point.

It’s super lightweight and compact, which makes it perfect for anyone who travels a lot for work.

4. Foam roller

Work out all kinks and knots with TriggerPoint grid foam rollers that is designed to reduce soreness and improve mobility.

Comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

5. Battle ropes

Battle ropes are perfect for resistance and cardio for all fitness levels.

6. Drink coaster set

Fun and playful drink coaster set that are perfect for gym junkies to talk about when people visit.

It will give fitness lovers something to talk about with company.

7. Fun mug

Fun and playful drink mug. Pour some coffee or any drink in it.

8. Digital food scale

A digital food scale is a useful gift for weightlifters and bodybuilders to keep track of what they put in their body.

9. Nutribullet

The Nutribullet makes everything a typical bodybuilder already does, easier including a protein shake, smoothie, juices and soups.

10. Shaker bottle

They are perfect for mixing up supplements and you can never have too many. Most weightlifters have a shaker bottle in their gym bag.

11. Whey protein

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Protein powder is one way to help anyone who works out a quick way to replenish their body after a gym session.

It comes in a variety of flavors. Mine is cookies and creme.

12. Plant protein

Organic Nutrition Shake

A plant based protein for vegans or anyone who wants an organic option.

13. Personal blender

Perfect for individual size smoothies. It is a the right size for travelers and throw in your suitcase for vacation.

14. Dip belt

A sturdy dip belt is the perfect accessory for pull-ups and dips in the weight room. The adjustable chain lets you put the weight plates in the most comfortable position for your chosen exercise.

15. Deadlift socks

Deadlift socks are the perfect stocking stuffer.

These long socks can help keep the bar from scaping against legs when performing a deadlift.

16. Deadlift straps

Deadlifting straps make it easier to hold heavy weights especially pull exercises like heavy rows, deadlifts or weighted pull ups.

17. Weightlifting belt

Weightlifting belts provide support and protection for the lower back, allowing you to lift heavier weights more safely during strength training.

18. Weightlifting shoes

Reebok Women's Legacy Lifter II Weightlifting Shoes in Quartz Glow/Atomic Pink/Core Black Size 9 - Training Shoes

An amazing gift for anyone who lifts weights by creating a solid flat base for deadlifts, squats and more.

Also makes squatting easier.

19. Wireless headphones

Music can set the right mood for a weightlifting session but no one wants to get tangled up in cords.

A set of wireless earbuds like these Jaybird Vista are sweat-resistant, stay in your ear and have an awesome sound quality.

20. Ab roller wheel

Build six pack abs right at home using this ab wheel roller or throw in your gym bag and take with you.

21. Unisex necklace

How does a gym junkie say they lift weights without talking? This fun unisex necklace will do.

22. Pull up bar

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Prop this pull up bar in the doorway and you will be able to work on improving your pull ups and overall strength.

23. Resistance bands

Tube Resistance Bands Set with Attached Handles

They are perfect for anyone who travels. It will allow you to work out anywhere and at any time.

24. Fitness/running watch

Polar Vantage M2

The Polar Vantage M2 is an advanced fitness watch that is designed to monitor heart rate, sleep, more than 130 different sports and more.

25. Heart rate monitor

Do you like to track your fitness information? The heart rate monitor pairs up with Polar devices, Peloton bikes and Peloton treds.

26. Jump rope

A good jump rope can increase muscle engagement and burn loads of calories so it’s a common choice to improve cardio for weightlifters and bodybuilders. 

They are great for workouts anywhere.

27. Lifting gloves

Exercise gloves help to protect the hands from the friction involved in lifting weights. They also improve grip as sweaty hands and weightlifting don’t mix.

28. Smart phone tripod

Record any video in the gym of you lifting without having to prop it up on a weight. It can wrap around bars and equipment in the gym.

It comes with a Bluetooth wireless remote.

29. Liquid chalk

Increase hand grip and get better performance during your workouts and Olympic weight training. Use it with weight lifting straps to increase your weight sets.

30. Gym bag

Reebok Unisex Training Essentials Duffel Bag Small in Black/White Size N SZ - Training Accessories

A quality gym bag is an essential accessory for anyone who travels from home to the gym.

Keep all your gear and workout logs in one place

31. Funny T-shirt: Forrest Pump

Unique T-shirt and funny gift that will have people stop and ask about their love of lifting weights and the gym.

Were you looking for a great gift idea? There is a gift for everyone— novice weightlifters and those that have been at it for a long time.

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