Trying to get back on track while unemployed

I have fallen off and desperately trying to get back on while unemployed. I was laid off from my job four weeks ago today. I’ve kept very quiet about being unemployed but it is beginning to take a toll on me even though I am applying for jobs.

Trying to get back on track while unemployed is difficult

I have been employed full time since forever. I worked as an undergraduate and graduate student. So, not having a job is a killer to the soul.

I’m hopeful that the low unemployment rates mean I won’t be unemployed for long, but til then I am trying to figure things out.

I will admit that I was embarrassed at first. Not because I did anything wrong, but I rarely share things outside of fitness, my godson and my Boo.

How to stay productive while unemployed


A schedule is key. I started off with one but it fell to the wayside after a week.

This week the schedule has returned. I kick off the day with cardio followed by looking for a new job, research, studying for the group fitness certification and personal education.

Cardio and exercise are key for me. I learned that I need to keep the routine of spacing out my workouts. So, cardio first thing in the morning with strength training later in the day.


Network with people to help you get through unemployment

Spend a good amount of time networking and reconnecting with old contacts or making new ones. Finding a job takes time and even longer than may be typical in this economy.

Just keep at the search and network. We know that most people find their jobs through networking. Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a job, what type of job and your experience.

Find Support

The right support group is important to help you get through these tough times. Make sure you have friends and family members that are supportive and non-judgmental who will listen.

If you don’t know anyone in your situation, find a support group for unemployed individuals, where people in the same situation discuss their feelings and offer suggestions on how to cope.

Get organized

Do you have unopened mail to go through? Clothes that need to be put away? Other areas of the house you’ve been meaning to get to but never seemed to have the time? This is the perfect time to do some “spring” cleaning to keep you productive and tackle a few chores at the same time.


There are plenty of organizations that could use your assistance. You can go somewhere or do it from home depending on your skills.

If you’re an unemployed teacher, you could volunteer as a coach’s assistant. You could provide some of your services as a web designer to a not-for-profit organization and do things pro bono.

The goal is to volunteer somewhere relevant and keep your skills fresh and relevant.

How to budget while unemployed

As soon as it became apparent I could lose my job, I began cutting things I didn’t need. I cut some streaming subscriptions, training with my coach, competing for the rest of 2019 and eating out.

What will I be able to afford and for how long are the first questions that ran through my mind.

I did the run through of all my bills and looked at my bank statement on what I have been spending. No big surprises but a baseline of what had to go and what I would cut back on.

The basics remain:

  • rent
  • car and car insurance
  • utilities
  • groceries
  • cell phone
  • gym membership

I filed for unemployment the very first night. My ultimate goal is landing a new fulltime job as soon as I can, but in the meantime, there is no reason not to file for unemployment benefits. We pay into unemployment with each paycheck so we might as well get what is ours.

Only time will tell

I am trying to remain positive through this all. It’s hard but I am trying my very best. My goal was to land a new job by October 1. I really hope I have something by November 1 or things will be looking bleak.

This is my competition offseason but I am trying to not let this unemployment through me completely off track. I will be back on a meal plan of sorts starting Monday. I have a carb cycle meal plan that I plan on implementing that will help me lift heavy and hopefully add some lean muscle. I do have some body goals so that if all works out I will get back to training with my coach in January.

Have you ever been laid off? How did that go?

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