The 2019 Arnold in the books

I can’t believe that it’s been almost two weeks since the 2019 Arnold.

It was a whirlwind of a trip from the moment we touched down until we got back on the plane to come back to South Carolina. But I wouldn’t have it any other way because the Arnold allows you to see some of the best athletes in the world. There is more to the weekend than bodybuilding. You can find more than 80 sports including pole fitness, Zumba, fencing, power lifting, boxing, martial arts, strongman and more.

2019 Arnold Classic in full force

This year I spent a majority of my time watching and participating with the bodybuilding events.

ash and toshia IFBB Pro bikini

I had my heart on supporting some of my IFBB Pro bikini friends. And also having the opportunity to see some of the best up close and personal. I met Ashley several years ago. I saw her photo on Instagram and loved her look. I made it a point to meet her that year at Junior USA in Charleston. We’ve kept in touch on and off since then.

2019 arnold classic men's bodybuilding

Men’s bodybuilding can be electric. I never thought I would say that but it really can be especially when you see their hard work on display. The muscle definition is mind blowing.

One of my favorite parts about bodybuilding as well as men and women physique categories are the routines. If the music and the choreography are in sync then I never want them to stop. They take everything and put it all together. Amazing!

A little family reunion

My fitness family has grown in the past few years. Running was huge for me for a while as the lead ambassador for Black Girls RUN! Columbia. Bodybuilding has added another dimension to my family.

me and philip at 2019 arnold classic

There were people I knew I had to see while in Columbus for the weekend. First off was my friend, Philip. Heck, we really only met after his amazing performance at Junior USA in May. He lit up that stage. Ever since then it’s been like we’ve known each other forever.

cessie 2019 arnold amateur figure

Cisse was took to the stage during the weekend. We are Instagram friends. It was nice to take the online friendship and physically meet in person.

Chrys said she was going to be in town too. I have followed her for a while and was great to just chat with her in person. We see each other at shows in the Carolinas and Georgia. But neither of us were competing so it was nice to just chat it up.

And then there Ronnie. I came to know her through Instagram and when she went pro. I follow the summer national shows and see who does what. It’s always great when you see black females doing well. She’s taken time off since she went pro but should be taking the stage later this year. I can’t wait!

I make it a point to interact and get to know athletes especially when I am competing.  Not many other people can understand the crazy of prep life, competing and how we try to be normal at the same time. Or how we try to get back to other people’s normal when we are done for the season.

Fangirling for a hot second

courtney king and me at the 2019 arnold

There are a few people that I definitely fan girl that I have not met yet in this sport. One of those people is Courtney King, 2016 Olympia Bikini. She holds more titles but that it’s one that stands out for me.

Courtney isn’t coming anymore so I didn’t expect to see her at the 2019 Arnold. Let me add that on Instagram she said she would be in Columbus but not coming to the Expo. But low and behold, she made her way and while I was sitting waiting for the amateur figure and bikini finals to kick off I heard her voice. No seriously.

So, I waited patiently in my chair watching her talk to other people. I was afraid she was going to leave so I got closer for my opportunity to speak with her. Crazy and sounds kind of stalkerish…I know. But heck, it is what it is.

I honestly can’t say exactly when Courtney really came on my radar but sometime in 2017 her YouTube videos started landing in my feed. Oh wait, I know it’s probably because I was getting into the sport and started looking up videos on bikini bodybuilding posing. Her YouTube channel wasn’t about posing but workouts and things she was cooking. Let me tell you that I got a couple of recipes and ideas from her channel that I still use today especially the salad dressing. It is so simple yet important when you start trying to follow your meal plan while keeping things tasting good.

2019 season is here

The 2019 season just kicked off and I am looking forward to supporting friends and getting on the stage later this year.

The first Carolina show is in two weeks. I’m excited to see everyone who steps on stage. Although it will be a while before I step on stage this year, shows serve as a little motivator to keep me pushing.

There’s no room for slack with what I want to accomplish this year.

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