September goals

September! Summer has flown by and the fall is almost here. Can you believe we are a week into September? Well, before we get to far along let me share my September goals.

September goals and first photo shoot

September brings about my improvement and building season. It’s time to refuel my body and allow it to grow. This means more food while following my meal plan, but also enjoying some time out with friends while my diet has a little flexibility in it.

September goals include adding new supplements

It also means adding some supplements into my regiment. My new purchases were sitting at my door when I came home. Yeah!

The things I take year round include potassium, magnesium, multivitamins and fish oil. I will share more about when and how throughout this season.

In September, I want to:

  • read 2 books
  • decorate for fall
  • purchase 2 pairs of shoes
  • continue tracking meals according to meal plan
  • try a new workout class at the gym
  • write blog posts for October

What are some of your September goals?

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4 years ago

I have learned to have a love hate relationship with vitamins. I hate taking pills, but I don’t eat the necessary nutrients in my daily meals. I believe you just gave me September goals!

4 years ago

Love the casual outfit you’re wearing! Those are some great goals you have for september! good luck wiht them!

Victoria Heckstall
4 years ago

Such a cool and nice outfit..Looks like you have a great to do list. Good luck and surely you accomplish all of that!