Peanut butter bites: Easy 5 ingredient snack

I have to be picky about the types of snacks that I eat at this point in prep, but that doesn’t mean that they are off limits. Well, not exactly.

To help kill my cravings, I opted to make peanut butter bites. I am trying TruNut powdered peanut butter. Typically, I have used PB2, but I am out and wanted to try something new.

peanut butter bite mixture with TruNut peanut butter and lily's chocolate chips

TruNut, PB2 and other powdered peanut butter brands provide all the creamy, sticky goodness of regular fresh ground peanut butter but with up to 85% less the fat calories.

A bite that’s worth it

I have found these balls have saved me from jumping over the edge of sweets. I keep them in the fridge so I have something when the urge hits me.

These peanut butter bites require a few items:

  • peanut butter powder
  • water
  • honey
  • oats
  • chocolate chips

They are a combination of oats, peanut butter powder, raw honey and chocolate chips all rolled up into a couple of sweet and satisfying bites. The peanut butter powder brings all the peanut butter flavor your could ask for along with creamy texture. Raw honey adds just a touch of sweetness. And if you don’t have raw honey, opt for some sugar free syrup. The oats…well, the help to silence embarrassing stomach growls.

I highly recommending the Lily’s brand of chocolate chips for your bites. Lily’s brand ensures safety for any gluten, dairy or soy allergies.

These are easy to make and don’t require a lot of prep time. They have helped keep me away from my favorite Hershey’s chocolate bar.

What are some of your favorite quick and easy snacks?

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