NPC Stewart Fitness prep continues

The countdown continues. I am less than 4 weeks out from the next competition. Or is it better to say that I am a little more than 3 weeks out?

3 weeks out posing after workoutNPC Stewart Fitness is 23 days away from today. Excited. Nervous. Uncertain. I am not sure those things will ever go away.

I put on the suit this morning. Ehhh. Front pose to the right and to the left. I am much more comfortable with the pose to the left. Neither looks glamorous at 6 a.m. I had an epic refeed yesterday and these were check-in pics for my coach. Hence, no smiles or glammed up hair.

3 weeks out checkin for NPC Stewart Fitness

This was a roll out of bed, go to the bathroom, throw on the suit and heels then snap some pics. Who has time for smiles that early in the morning? Not me. Or at least I didn’t want to if I am being completely honest about the whole thing.

One of the other things I am working on is sitting back on my hip and “the lean”. It may not look like we are leaning up there but there is a little lean going on for some of us.

trainingWe are still going heavy focusing on glutes and hamstrings.

On any given day my quads, hamstrings and/or glutes are screaming bloody murder. It doesn’t stop me from doing what I need to do as I push for transformation. You can catch me grunting, but I do the work. There is no other choice.

Add weights to your planksLet’s not forget the core work that has been going on.

My schedule still includes five strength training days and six cardio days. I plan for one rest day somewhere. Sometimes it is a full rest day and sometimes it is an active one where I get cardio and sauna in.

Carbs are still very much a part of my diet. Well, as of this moment. We shall see what happens this week. I do expect them to be yanked for the next two weeks.

I did get two cheat meals last week and one this week. Loved it. Sushi for the first and then pasta with ground turkey and fresh warm bread. I am a sucker for warm bread. The last one was 8 ounces of salmon, white rice and vegetables. Sweet lawd? I love food.

Proteins this week are egg whites, lean ground turkey and cod.

Cod isn’t required yet. White fish was required at three weeks out from the last show. That was a doozie.

I decided that I am going to white fish two of my six meals this week. If I do it right, I will have fish at meal #4 and meal #5 with a carbohydrate. Today that is sweet potatoes.

I love breakfast and will continue to enjoy things like oatmeal muffins, Ezekiel bread french toast and pancakes until the carbs are pulled.

What are your favorite carbs to eat?

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