NPC Stewart Fitness prep: 7 weeks out

hill repeats for cardio 7 weeks out

Things are moving along as I look to compete at NPC Stewart Fitness in August. It’s time to stick in my headphones and silence out the noise because it is grind time.

It’s time to drink all the water, eat and pose my tail off. I need to do what is necessary to get to the next level.


We are going hard and heavy right now.

I am just less than 7 weeks out from possibly stepping on stage at the NPC Stewart Fitness. I want to bring a better package to the stage than a couple weeks ago. It is possible as long as I work my tail off like nobody’s business.

Cardio is still on the low end. I’m loving my Sunday HIIT hill repeats. I get to run and accomplish my HIIT goal for the day. I hope to be able to do hill repeats twice a week in the next couple of weeks.

Steady cardio is typically on the stepmill. I split the time with a band just above my knees with some variation of skipping steps the rest of the time. It’s rare, but I may use an Arc trainer or treadmill for an inclined walk.

I am adding white fish back into my diet on my own already. This week it’s cod. My ace came to town to train with our coach and showed me her latest seasoning creation.

cod served over a salad seasoned with Mrs Dash

I would have never thought of adding Mrs. Dash teriyaki marinade to it. Typically I use it on salmon to give it some additional flavor. The other seasonings: Mrs. Dash garlic and herb, Mrs. Dash onion and herb, onion powder and garlic salt with lemon juice are staples when cooking fish on or off prep.

It’s a miracle what seasonings can do to dress up or sometimes disguise its taste. I prefer not to disguise it. Sometimes you just need a little help.

I aim to eat white fish 2 times a day for the next couple of weeks or until my coach says something different. When you look at my meals at this point in my prep, here’s what it looks like:

  • Hot breakfast
  • MEAL #2
  • shake with almonds
  • MEAL #4
  • MEAL #5
  • shake with MCT Oil

I’m thinking it will be meal #4 and meal #5, which includes a carb. I can cover/blend the fish in with whatever carb I am eating after training. It definitely makes it easier to get down.

One of our sayings is “skinny girls eat fish.” While I will bite someone’s head off that says I am skinny because I believe I am a strong first, I need to drop body fat and white fish is one way to help me achieve that.

What are you willing to do to achieve your personal goals?

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