NPC Stewart Fitness prep: 6 weeks out

Purchased Nutribullet to help me in the kitchenLook what I bought last week? I wanted to make some protein ice cream and had to have a Nutribullet. Well, I didn’t have to have it but it gave me a reason to go to Target and get it.

Protein ice cream made with Nutribullet. Easy and simple.I am ending my day with “ice cream” at least for the next couple of weeks instead of drinking a protein shake. It’s summer and who doesn’t want to eat ice cream? I can’t have Halo Top or Ben & Jerry’s right now, but this right here with some PB2 is everything.


We are just shy of 6 weeks until I take to the stage again. Wow! I’m excited to see what happens when we dial this body in even more.

I continue to work on my conditioning. I don’t necessarily need to lose weight per se. Will I get smaller? Most likely because the goal is to get tighter and reduce body fat for August 5.

hill repeats on repeat training cardioCardio at 6 weeks out: I’m still at two 30 minutes sessions a day. I start the day off with a HIIT session and a steady state cardio later in the day. I’ve been using my HIIT sessions to get some running in. The second session is anything from the stepmill, walking incline on treadmill to the ARC trainer.

Weights at 6 weeks out: I hit them three times a week with my coach and three times a week on my own. I give my body one rest day from weights. Shoulders, abs and glutes continue to be key areas and will remain that way for the rest of the season.

Creativity is a part of the game right now. My proteins are typically lean ground turkey, egg whites and white fish. I am taking a mini break from chicken this week. We’ll see what happens next week.

I am meal prepping for a few friends too. They pretty much eat what I am eating except for the fact that I offer them salmon sometimes. Salmon is not in my diet at all. I’m sticking to white fish and other leaner meats at the moment.

My new favorite dish is a spicy ground turkey and green beans dish. I love that I have found ways to add flavor with the help of seasonings. I will share it later this week as well as some of the spices and condiments that are making this prep doable. Tasty food is necessary. I do believe that food is fuel, but you have to enjoy the taste even if you are scarfing it down at Mach 2 speed.

What personal goals are you working toward?

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4 years ago

WOW! I follow you on Instagram but had no idea what the full picture of your training looks like. This is amazing. I am inspired to not show in a competition but to take a little more ownership of what I am putting into my body for fuel. I need a NutriBullet too!