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Can you believe that there are less than three months until the end of the year? Seriously. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all around the corner.

Decorate for Halloween with Dollar Tree items

I may not get dressed up and hit a costume party, but have decided to dress up my door at least. There’s nothing wrong with little decorations – simple but yet fun.

I went to Dollar Tree and looked to see what was there that wouldn’t take a lot of time.

And with that, a door wreath idea was born. Let me add I needed a few other items from a couple different art supply stores.

Dollar Tree Halloween decorations

There were several different things that could have been added from skulls to pumpkins. I wasn’t sure how I would really secure the skulls, so I went with the eyeballs instead.

dollar general halloween ring for wreath

It only took a few steps and a few items including the spray paint that I had to pick up from a couple of other art supply stores.

I first spray painted the floral ring black to make sure the green doesn’t show if the boa doesn’t cover it. Once dry, I wrap the boa and secure it to the floral ring. No need for glue. Once you are done, you’ll need to add the eyeballs.

Dollar Tree Halloween eyeballs for the wreath

I prepped the eyeballs by using a hot glue gun and securing them to the floral pins. It was one of the easiest ways to get the eyeballs onto the wreath with little fuss.

It was easy and looks great on my black door. I’m already thinking about a Christmas wreath. I saw some Christmas ornaments that could work. I’m excited about the ideas that are rattling around in my head.

Do you decorate for the holidays?

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