Let the reverse diet begin

It’s been a little more than a week since NPC Stewart Fitness and time to start my reverse diet. No reason to throw away all my hard work. I have goals for the 2018 season that actually begin now.

Reverse diet has begun following NPC Stewart Fitness to allow for growth and maintaining conditionOne of the things that I love about my meal plan is that it is sustainable year round. Seriously. I say that because I have lived this lifestyle for two years. For me, it is easier to maintain a lifestyle than feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of diet here and restriction there. It’s too hard to live that way.

The beginning of my reverse diet

My reverse diet will look a lot like my prep diet as we move from lower calories and a bit of cardio to more calories and less cardio. I’m lucky in that my coach allows me to eat almost anything within reason. From the very beginning she asked me about how I worked best. I shared with her give me the outline and range of what I need to eat, but I will take care of the rest. Thankfully there are a lot of resources out there to help guide you. I keep it simple even though I am always open to adding a new recipe or seasoning into the mix.

Here’s what my plan includes year round:

Proteins: egg whites, eggs, ground turkey, chicken, salmon, white fish and tuna

Carbohydrates: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, beans, cream of wheat

Vegetables: Almost any and all

Here’s a great explanation of reverse diet from Bodybuilding.com

Reverse dieting is pretty much what it sounds like: a diet turned upside-down. Instead of cutting calories and ramping up time spent on the treadmill, you increase metabolism by gradually adding calories back into your diet while reducing cardio.

Although it sounds very simple, there’s more to reverse dieting than just “eat more, do less.” If you want to maximize gains in metabolic rate without storing a ton of body fat, you must be strategic and patient. This means giving your metabolism time to adjust by making slow, deliberate changes, rather than hitting the buffet every day and cutting out cardio overnight

My meals this week will include chicken burrito bowls, ground turkey taco bowls, ground turkey meatballs, sweet potatoes, rice and egg white omelettes.

cleaning up my diet through my meal plan

turkey taco saladWe are slowly adding back carbohydrates, which is something I really didn’t in the last couple of weeks. And my cardio has been reduced as I mentioned on Instagram. I love food. It’s fun to keep it simple and then jazz it up a little. I also enjoy recreating restaurant dishes that can be made a little more healthier and of course cheaper. My goal is to enjoy the food that I eat.

Halo Top for the win

I am human and I love sweets. I had a coupon for a free pint of Halo Top. I decided to try out the Vanilla Bean. How could you go wrong with vanilla bean ice cream? And I was right.

halo top vanilla bean ice creamIt is creamy like I had hoped. It has specs of vanilla bean and like the ice cream I had been missing for the months of prep. This was my first time trying Halo Top and well worth holding onto that free ice cream coupon for weeks. I will add some other things to it like regular ice cream soon and share how that comes out.

Now that I am officially in my off season, I will be able to enjoy Halo Top here and there. As I mentioned I like to have a structured diet, so treats like this will be far and few between even though it only has 240 calories per pint. Ice cream and sweets of any kind are a gateway to eat more and more for me.

What are your favorite treats you allow yourself to have?

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Helene Cohen Bludman
4 years ago

Looking forward to hearing more about this reverse diet. It sounds really interesting. Best of luck!

4 years ago

I think it is nice to be able to treat yourself now and then if you don’t allow yourself something sweet it can cause a lot of chaos and you binge or at least I know I do.

4 years ago

I love the idea of the reverse diet though i kinda think I struggle with this all the time! haha! I still allow myself to have ice cream every now and then with the boys as my favorite treat!

4 years ago

I am all about a well balanced diet. We go heavy on the fruits and veggies with some whole grains and lean proteins as well as some full fat dairy. We try to avoid too much added sugar.

4 years ago

Too bad a reverse diet doesn’t go all the way – like Chocolate bars and no exercising – that would be a diet I could really get behind.

4 years ago

I like that it only has 240 calories per pint. Now I can eat the whole pint and not feel guilty.

4 years ago

What a unique concept. I haven’t heard of a reversed diet before, but it sounds like you’re getting to eat delicious meals!

4 years ago

This sounds like a very sound eating plan. I love that you allow yourself to have a treat as well. It makes it more doable in my opinion.

4 years ago

Congrats on hitting your goal! The food you’ve prepped all looks super delicious, and is something I could definitely enjoy!

Blair villanueva
4 years ago

I think the treat I have is my month slice of cheesecake 🙂
Am not too crazy for sweets and having this makes me feel a bit normal 😀

4 years ago

I’ve never hear of a reverse diet. It honestly sounds like a diet I could handle. Good luck!

4 years ago

I am in love with Halo Top! They have so many awesome flavors and they are pretty affordable at my grocery store. I do not feel as guilty eating the whole pint myself haha

4 years ago

I need to get back on eating healthy. I have been feeling lazy lately that I eat out of portion control.

4 years ago

Sounds like reverse diet is a better way to keep the body fit and healthy. I am not fat but I am not so sure if I am healthy. I guess if I start being healthy on the inside, everything will follow.